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Ok, so a lot of people post things about the steaming cloth after putting it into the microwave for 30 seconds. Worked, but didn't do the job. So then as I thought about it, WTF is everyone thinking. Did not one person really notice it. Guess not, so let me help you out more. Take the rag run it under hot water, get some hot water put it in the mug(make sure mug is tall microwave safe and had handle) only don't let the rag touch the water in the mug. Stuff it so it sits in there nice at the top. Microwave 30 secs. Here is where it gets new. Take the infected ear and put it in the mug(rag didn't touch water so you know there's room to fit your ear) the heat will make a suction that pulls the stuff out and drain and the steam will soften it up to come put nice. Take the rag and put it on other ear at the same time so both ears are getting steam. Feels awkward makes you look crazy when you do it, but the pain is gone and works great.

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u really dont know what a rag is??????????????


A rag is a washcloth.


Well I'm 16 and I tried it because my ear was hurting so bad and it didn't work at all!!!!!! I don't think any one else should try it because u would just be wasting ur time


it totally took the pain away thanks so much!!!!!


Thankyou so very much!!! I have been haveing an ear ache for 6 days and nothing could take the pain away! this helped greatly!! thanks again!


Im 14 years old and had a mild case of swimmers ear. I later that day went to a rock concert thinking that it might have just been stress related. This morning (the next day) i woke up with a huge ear ache! I couldnt even hear out of my left ear! I tried vineger and it helped for a while but wasn't as long as i would like. I tried Hydrogen Peroxide and that cleaned the infection but it still hurt like crazy. then i tried the steam thing i read and instant relief of pain!!!! it may still be clogged but it helped with the pain. First take a glass or a mug and fill the bottum about an inch or so with warm water than damp a washcloth with warm water and push it down into the glass. put in the microwave for 30 seconds and hold to ear as long as desiered. after you feel fine or the steam gets to hot or too much presure remove it from your ear and repeat later. it helped so much!!!!!


Why even bother with a microwave? Why not just crumple a paper towel in a mug and pour some boiling water over it? That's what flight attendants used to give people whose ears wouldn't pop. Lean your ear into the cup and let the steam work.


Thank you!! My 3 year old didn't like the warm cup but I put to cloth on his ear and I it worked! He said it didn't hurt anymore.


This actually worked. It relieved a lot of pressure.


To all of the people who say negative things about home remedies and advise people to run to the doctor for antibiotics instead: Obviously if these home remedies don't work for you, then you probably have an ear infection that needs antibiotic treatment, so just because they don't work for you doesn't mean they won't work for someone else. For earaches that are caused by things such as post nasal drip and aren't actual infections, these remedies do work to relieve some pain and pressure. Antibiotics shouldn't be over-used and unfortunately they often are.

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