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Ok, so a lot of people post things about the steaming cloth after putting it into the microwave for 30 seconds. Worked, but didn't do the job. So then as I thought about it, WTF is everyone thinking. Did not one person really notice it. Guess not, so let me help you out more. Take the rag run it under hot water, get some hot water put it in the mug(make sure mug is tall microwave safe and had handle) only don't let the rag touch the water in the mug. Stuff it so it sits in there nice at the top. Microwave 30 secs. Here is where it gets new. Take the infected ear and put it in the mug(rag didn't touch water so you know there's room to fit your ear) the heat will make a suction that pulls the stuff out and drain and the steam will soften it up to come put nice. Take the rag and put it on other ear at the same time so both ears are getting steam. Feels awkward makes you look crazy when you do it, but the pain is gone and works great.

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So when you are done microwaving, you take the rag out and lay it on your ear and put the other ear in the mug? or do you put your in the mug with the rag also still in there?


I really wish the instructions for this remedy was a little clearer. I am suffering with a double ear ache and would love some relief.


easier to take a hot shower


I just tried this. so far so good. A coupe weeks ago i took my first plane ride and ever since i've been home my ear has been just I hate going to the doctors so i googled home remedies. I liked what i read on your post soo i gave it a shot.. thank you i feel great

Homer Steiner

I've always been skeptic about home remedies, but the pain was so bad I had to try it. I'm probably not doing it completely right, the steam funneling up into my ear was too hot at first. But I have relief from the sharp pain and did feel things loosen up in the ear canals. I can hear much better but I'm afraid I might be past home remedy stage. I'm thinking I might be able to sleep again though right now and that's the most important thing so I'm still giving a 5 vote.


It does not work the steam will just burn your ear


Thank youuuuu sooooooooo much! This remedy actually worked! I took a pic of me doing this remedy. I looked crazy lol! But I didn't care it worked! You should be an ear doctor! :P :) Thankkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuu


worked awesome for me thank you for sharing this


my son is 8 years old and having problem with ear, pain and clogged. I was reading your remedy but don't know what is 'rag' so please if you could explain little bit more. Thanks


After reading original posting, and the comments, and dealing with unbearable pain in my ear seeking home remedy fearing doctor bills, I tried a version of this. What I did was boil water on the stove (Dont have a microwave. Then, filled a tall mug half way with the boiling water. I took a clean wash cloth and put it in the mug (did this in the sink to avoid burning myself). I then took the mug, placed my ear over it sealing the mug opening. Whenever the pressure became harsh I gently lifted my ear away to allow steam to escape then put my ear back to seal the opening. To get more steam I simply lifted the wash cloth. I did this for about 10 minutes. I still feel a little pressure, but the pain is not there. When I get home from work, Im going to do these steps again if need be..

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