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If you sniff a little bit of black pepper up your nose, you'll sneeze like crazy and it will relieve some of the congestion. I know it sounds silly but it works.

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Just wanted to say am doing this now and it's really helped thanks xx


Please everyone be very careful when snorting black pepper. You can become very addicted. I tried it once while I was sick, and before I knew it I was chopping lines and snorting mad rails every few hours. Stay away.


I just tried snorting black pepper and it really do work. thanks


I once used red pepper and my nose bled from sneezing a lot and very hard (not making a joke here). It worked, but if you are going to use pepper, use the black kind.


I've done this for a severe headache due to sinus congestion. I was very sceptical until I tried ,it worked immediately. I sneezed real hard a few times then "BAM" I was cleared out.

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