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If you sniff a little bit of black pepper up your nose, you'll sneeze like crazy and it will relieve some of the congestion. I know it sounds silly but it works.

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I work at McCormick Spice Company on a pepper line and my severe nasal congestion disappears during my 8 hour shift.


It really does work...! Cleared up my sinuses quickly. Thanks for your post.



I'm so congested that I can't breath at all through my nose, so the pepper doesn't help at all.

McCormick Merchandiser Ph

i see,. my nasal congestion also cured while im displaying some herbal seasonings in the store i worked. after few hours of exposing my self to mints and pepper


my nose was very clogged i coudnt even breath so i did the sat water remedy whie it works it is only for a few minutes so immediatly fter using warm salt water i snorted pepper burns rea bad for few minutes but works wonders however i didnt sneeze though i just put pepper in there and waited thank you this site rocks


And to think I've been snorting the wrong stuff all these years? The white stuff, of course.

Does it have to be BLACK pepper? Finely crushed/ground? Or can I use whole peppers? How about crushed red peppers in the little packets from the local pizza place?



Pepper works!!!
I am at work and it's the only thing available


Yes, had nasal congestion (nearly couldn't breathe through nose), snorted some ground black pepper in both nostrils, burned like hell and had sneezing fit, but now 1 minute later nasal congestion is almost gone.


i snorted pepper, didnt sneeze that much, only once or twice, but it worked!! now i snort pepper three times a day (jokes lol) only once.....

common knowledge

Sniffing pepper or any other spices will have a worse long term affect. Don't believe me ask your doctor

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