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Kelsie Myers

Okay so I'm 12 years old and I've always had these huge cold sores they would have a huge puffy pus filled sore with tiny sores around it that hurt to the touch... well my sores cover half my lip they spread to the inside of my mouth and too the outer most skin and swell up to the point where I look like a brats doll I found that icing it reduces the swelling getting a wet hot rag helps suck the pus out because it soaks it and then evaporates out then get lip gloss keep it covered air doesn't help when air reaches it the bactria can grow and spread so these things help me

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Honey . . .what you have doesn't sound like cankor sores but more like cold sores. If they are pus filled and have other little sores around them chances are they are cold sores and are highly contagious. there are many over the counter treatments for cold sores. Talk to your doctor, cold sores are something you will have for the rest of your life. Mostly just a nuisance but still. . . there are things you can do to prevent them.


That's disgusting


To the tough 12 year old. My wife had terrible cold sores all her life. When we met she had one and I told her to take liquid acidophilus when she felt the first tingle of one coming on. It comes in a pint bottle, kind of thick, but drink about 1/4 to 1/3 right off then the rest within a couple days. They may still come but will be very small and go away fast. Acidophilus pills or powder can't and won't work near as fast or as well, get liquid.


To the nice 12 yr old. It does sound like you have cold sores. You should see a doctor about this to have a diagnosis so you can know how to treat it. I find that a combo of acidopholus, lysine and vitamin C on a daily basis is helpful. Also, due to your age, your age, you should go to your parents about this and not a place where adults can write to you and know your age. just my opinion as a parent.


to the 12 yr old ewww you sound like you have herpes!!!!!!!!!!!1


Kiddo, I dunno where you picked it up but cold sores are caused by herpes and are in no way related to canker sores. I really don't know why your parents haven't taken you to the doctor for some sort of prescription if you're getting cold sores of that magnitude.

rose in miami

to the 12 y.o. (and all the mean people who commented to her): as a kid your age, I had canker sores all the time, and when I was in grad school (mid 20s), I started to get cold sores. the Nurse told me it is the SAME virus causing both. This is in the Herpes family but is not deadly like the STD herpes (but it sounds bad!).

Your sores sound like they are infected, and untreated infections are always bad news. I hope you can get some medical (or even a dentist) care and advice. If not, follow all the advice here about avoiding them and preventing spreading. Stress makes them worse (not enough sleep, eating acidy foods (tomatoes, coffee, etc), anxiety over having a big sore on your face).

Also, one poster her is right, they are very contagious. You may be keeping the virus around in your lip gloss. TOSS YOUR GLOSS; and toss it every time you get a new sore and buy a fresh tube. Don't touch them or the area around them. Keep your hands CLEAN. You can transfer them anywhere, your face, eyes, body, etc. by scratching yourself.

I am going to take some of this advice (aspirin or zinc tablets, although the swelling by the zinc turns me off). But for cheap comfort, gargling with warm salty water feels good. good luck honey!

rose in miami

OK, so my nurse was wrong, I just did some more reading on the net, and I now agree as follows:
cold sores and canker sores not caused by the same thing;
our 12 y.o. friends has cold sores, not canker sores.
Good luck sweetie!


I have had cold sores since I was a boy (and canker sores). I have found that Herpecine L gets rid of cold sores fast. Faster than anything. I wish I knew about it when I was 12. Good luck kid.

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