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I tried every cure,from over the counter creams to apple cider vinegar to sea salt to tea tree oil. I had 70 to 100 spots of ring worm on my chest,stomach Back,and legs I had ring worm before and got rid of it easily, not this time. Then I found a cure that has worked, 100 percent Neem oil, I did some research and found they have used it in India for many many years for many skin ailments. The oil comes from tree leaves, I only found 100 percent pure Neem oil in the USA marketed as a flea and tick repellent for dogs and a fungus and insecticide for plants I wasn't able to find the flea and tick repellent one locally but did find the one marketed as a plant insecticide at a local garden center it said on the label 100 percent pure Neem oil but because it was being sold as insecticide it had all the warnings on label do not get on skin and so on, I had already researched Neem oil on line and found only one major study that had been done. They fed Neem leaf to rats in large quantities and it had an effect causing sterility in rats which reversed itself after they stopped eating it, it also said that it has some aspirin like qualities and should not be given to children with a fever, You can do your own research. I have been smearing the Neem oil on once a day now for 3 days and the ringworm is almost completely gone (all 70 to 100 of them) I also found a
Neem leaves dietary supplement in capsule for at my local vitamin store and have also been taking that for 3 days. You can google Neem oil and do your own research like I did, all I can tell you is this is the only thing that worked for me, and my case was severe.

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Neem oil is very effective. Neem Oil is my number 1 choice. You can purchase it from Whole Foods Supermarket or the Vitamin shop.
Neem oil is good for dandruff, ringworm, thinning hair, etc..

roney shandilya

i have ringworm nw i am from india
everybody knw there neem is the best ever for ringworm
i had neem tree at my home which1 i dont hv nw and we friends were used to eat neem seeds those one very sweet tasted ans i rem many birds just come to neem just for these sweet seeds which1 we say nimolian in punjabi in india
here in canada i have ring worm and nothing cream things working and its spreading over and i can do nothing coz no neem ..srry 4 my english


This worked on my 4 month old baby! I was horrified to realize my newborn had a ringworm. I am 33 and never had one. After two weeks of putting lotrimin on twice a day, it was only slighly better. After reading this, I bought Neem oil from my local vitamin shop and put it on her with a large bandaid over it so she would not touch it and ingest it. Next day it looked 50% better. Did it again 2nd day and it was gone the next morning! I am doing it now for the third to make sure it is really gone but WOW this really works!


I'm trying the oil starting this morning.. I'll let you know how it works. My 18month old has ring worm and she's got one big ring on her tummy with 2 more forming, let's pray this works!!


After reading the post i started searching for a treatment that uses neem to cure ringworm. It took what felt like ages but I finally found dermariche. It not only cured my ringworm it immediately took the pain and itch away as well.

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