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I just thought I would post this because I suffer from chronic migraines, and nothing has ever helped relieve the pain greatly. Only by taking a codeine pain killer has ever had some mediocre results, but only on occasion. Tonight I had the fortune of finding a natural remedy effective almost immediatley to the point of just very minor tension, nothing close to even a basic headache. I like to try different foods when the migraine hits, and for the first time by chance, I ate something with raw purple/red onions on it. Everything else on the food I've tried before with no luck. But the red onion almost worked immediatley and made the migraine so dismal its like I didn't have one anymore. I suggest trying to eat raw purple/red onions whether by itself or on food. Cooking it might lose its effect, so try to bare with it being raw. Good luck and let me know if this works for anyone else. I try it again next time I have a migraine. All the best.

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Just thought i would mention i don't personally suffer from migrain's but my wife does.. We live in greece and here they say that you can CURE a migrane for life by snorting the juice of a red onion 3 times a day for 3 days. My wife unfortunately doesn't want to go down that road as it is supposed to be very painfull. So if anybody tries it let me know if it works


Onion gives me migraines.


I would be willing to try this is I wasn't allergic to raw onions.

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