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It will drive you crazy.... the insane burning, itching and peeling. I tried a number of things this last time (i've had it before but this last time was the WORST).... and the best three things that helped me clear it up (and stop it from driving me crazy)...

1. Soaked my foot in hot water, apple cider vinegar and epsom salt. It will sting a little... but the longer you last the better the relief

2. Friar's Balsam (the brand i used is herb farm), applied undiluted morning and evening after spraying the affected area w/peroxide and drying.

3. Vicks VapoRub applied before bed (very soothing).

I'm practically clear in two days... and I've already suffered for more than a week w/it.

Hope this helps.

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How much and for how long ? Thanks.

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