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I chose GARLIC! Since it worked for my horrible tooth ach I figure its going to work for my vaginal itch. Here is what I just did.

I choped up 2 garlics into small thin pieces put it in a small container with a little bit of watter about 3oz maybe 4 then put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and let it sit for about 5 minuts then poured some of it on a pad. So here I am wearing a pad soked in garlic juice? Any ways I cant say it works YET because I did this about 10 minutes ago but let me tell you it is soothing I dont feel as itchy as I did earlier but I will let you guys know if it worked or not later. Im going to wear it for about 3 4 hours then repeat. You should try this and let me know what you think.

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Yes Garlic does work.I also dd the same and I felt soothed immediately.I can't stand the Vaginal itching.I also used plain yoghurt,and within 2days m feeling much better,the redness and sollen lip of Vg are disapearing


why does garlic work to get rid of a yeast infection

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