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For toenail fungus - I also did not want to take the rx as it may have side effects. I started pouring clorox from the bottle onto my toe, holding it over the bathtub. I know fungus hates clorox. The toenail fell off and I continued to pour that on every day after a shower as I presumed the toenail would be more porous when wet. The new toenail was fine. I used this on another toe and the toenail did not fall off but it killed the fungus inside and made a little ridge across the nail, which eventually grew out.

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I just started the Clorox yesterday. I cleaned an empty nail polish bottle and brush, filled it with bleach, and brushed it on my nails and surrounding skin last night. My nails immediately turned black/dark brown on the edges, the skin turned a little orange, and some toes also bubbled a little as if they were in peroxide or something. Is this a normal reaction with bleach?

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