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Barbara Gase

Use Vasiline Intensive Care (renew and protect) to get rid of moles.

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chick with a protruding mole under her armpit.

what about moles that are under the armpit? how do those recieve enough oxygen?


I just put some on mine...I hope it works. I noticed some other people were asking how long it took and I read that it would take a few I right? I'm not sure as this is the internet. Well, its worth a shot because I doubt Vaseline will harm your skin. I mean, I've been using it for years on my skin in general.

Good luck to everyone trying it!


my parents used iodine on moles. after the first few applications the mole will begin to absorb the iodine and after about a week or two the mole dries up and falls off. i haven't tried it myself due to my allergy to iodine but i know it works.


HOW long dose it take for the vaslein to work
IM going to try it
hope it works


some ppl are just asking where this person got this idea i guess...but some were very rude. if you dont believe then dont try it, whoever said that is right. and almost every site my friend looked (lol she has a flat mole on her arm and doesnt like it?) on with natural remedies lists vaseline intensive care (those exact words) on it. idk why, maybe it actually does work. idk how it works. just suggesting people dont get so agitated by the guy saying use vaseline..geez.


oh, and look (for the ppl who are being offensive) the vaseline worked on somebody! and other ppl are saying it makes sense to try it. thatll probably shut them up...


Is it the Vaseline Jelly or the lotion that works? Or does it not matter?


I have a close friend who used do Terra frankensence oil on her moles. They first turned black and then fell off. It took awhile, it sounded like maybe a week or so. My sister-in-law used ACV, and it worked for her. It took a couple of weeks also.


I put on lemon juice from fresh lemon onto my face for the first time, and leave it with faical cotton for about 15mins. I can see a little bit different now


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