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Barbara Gase

Use Vasiline Intensive Care (renew and protect) to get rid of moles.

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I have a mole on my back that appeared almost overnight. Never noticed it, then all of a sudden it was there. I'm going to try your oil remedy. Thanks!


This oxygen deprivation theory sounds like it might just work. I'm going to try superglue so that I don't have to worry about reapplying oil and replacing bandaids several times a day. I mean, after the adhesive kicks, it's relatively easy to peel off. I'll let you all know how it goes.


Sounds possible but does the moisturiser remove moles? It there any proof or is it a made up remedy?


I heard about vicks vaporub working for skin tags, I started using it on some moles and have found that layers of skin are starting to come off the moles. At least they have started looking lighter, and it does fall in line with a petrolium jelly product. I'm terrified of a big scar. My father sucessfully removes his moles with some sort of tar mixture, but he refuses to elaborate.


I'm so trying that! People use nail polish on warts, anyone know if it works on moles too?


I might just try this oil thng you know. It does make sense after all.

I also heard that dipping cotton wool in cider vinegar and using tape to stick it on over a mole works as well. Apparently its to do with the acid in the vinegar. Its work a try after all. I wouldnt really want to have surgery


I tried Vaseline on a mole the size of a football that was located on the top of my neck and it sure worked. You can also use vaseline to get rid of TB and AIDS. My great great great great Grandpa had Malenoma 5000lbs of Vaseline creams later he got cured.
Vaseline is the BEST


Hey Pam. If a mole appears overnight, it is not a normal thing. You should consult a dermatologist.
It could be malenoma(AND YOU MIGHT DIE!!!or not)
Best of luck


how long does it take until the mole falls off?


if you are using the vasoline, how long does it take for the mole to fall off?

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