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Barbara Gase

Use Vasiline Intensive Care (renew and protect) to get rid of moles.

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Can you elaborate on this, please?



yes please be more specific. Vaseline? This is the first time I ever heard of Vaseline getting rid of moles


can you tell me more please


This is a false remedy. Remove it from the site.


COMMENT TO THE COMMENTERS: The Remedies on this site is from people who are trying to share their ideas. Why be vain and hateful. If you dont believe it. DON'T TRY IT!!!!


We are simply asking the person who posted the remedy to further explain the remedy. You know...considering there's absolutely ZERO information about this remedy on the internet.

speak truth

yeah i agree that's totally untrue.


The use of vaseline doesn't allow oxygen to come in contact with the mole. The mole uses oxygen to stay alive.

When the mole and skin around it dies it falls off. It is similar to salasylic acid for warts but the acid works faster as it burns the wart and skin around it. It also deprives the wart from oxygen.

You can use the same approach with vaseline on a wart as with a mole. You can use olive oil if you like.. same effect.


I believe that the original remedy was vaseline lotion, not petroleum jelly... I am not sure if either work.


I agree with the premise that moles need oxygen. I use any oil, olive, vit. E, etc. On a mole on my stomach, I would rub the oil on and then cover it with a bandaid. Tried to leave the bandaid on as long as possible and just push in a little oilbut you can use new bandaids every day. Mole finally dropped off so using this remedy for other moles.

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