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To ease pain from a toothache place either ground clove or pure food grade clove oil on the affected tooth. This has worked better than Vicodin to relieve pain from a toothache.

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ok so it was bad i crushed up 3 cloves put it inbetween cheek and tooth it burned a bit taset spicey but it wored i had to spit alittel but it stoped the pain it is in there now it works


i just got the beginning of a root canal and they missed part of the nerve so i have been freaking out but this helped so much!

thank you!


WOW!!! I was having awful pain in my tooth last night. I took some 800mg Ibuprofen, which didn't even take the edge away, but then I read about chewing on a clove! I tried it and my pain was instantly and completely gone!! The pain was gone for almost 12 hours. Amazing!!


Chalk up another one for the cloves team. Seems to take a couple of minutes to take effect but it really does work, and the taste is insignificant compared to the pain I had a few minutes ago. Now, thank god, I'm going to get some sleep.


OMG!!! This worked better than anything I have tried. I have been in pain for hours, taken 5-200mg Ibuprofin, and near tears, but the instant I put the ground cloves on my tooth and gums, the pain was gone! Immediately!!! TY TY Jamie


Clove works best when you add the clove with regular oil (corn, ect..). After mixing the two together you get a gauze bandage and apply at the sametime squeez out the extra oil from the bandage. Apply to the tooth and it last a long time pain free.


If you don't use clove oil, you are making a huge mistake. Don't waste your time. Go to GNC nutrition stores and you will be happy you did. I was miserable for weeks trying every thing possible. Only clove oil worked and it worked so good it was amazing.

Adele Powell

This really works and I almost forgot how good. My husband has 2 teeth that are killing him and I just simply went a small peice of cotton and sprinkled ground cloves on to it and had my huband tuck the cootn up into the broken off part of the tooth and within 2 min he was smiling again. I just love that something so simple brought back the beautiful smile that I love.


I tried the ground clove and mixed it with a little bit of olive oil and compacted it in my sore tooth, i havent had a toothache since, it was a permanent solution for me!


I have used clove oil for the past 4 days and that has help but I find that the more you use it the more ammune your tooth come to it.... I have been believe it or not using Tylenol for Migrane's and that has helped with the pain. I have also been looking for other ways to help the pain... This is what I have found so far that has worked for me.

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