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To ease pain from a toothache place either ground clove or pure food grade clove oil on the affected tooth. This has worked better than Vicodin to relieve pain from a toothache.

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Hello, This clove oil do work , BUT after the clove oil stops working , ur gums will be in alot more pain , my best advice with clove oil is, use it if u must , apply with a cotton swob for best effects , Use clove oil when you are most tired , use it , then when the pain wears off , GO TO SLEEP!! all the best!


my aunt who is a nurse suggested clove, if nothing is working. I dipped a q-tip in anbolsol then sprinkle it with ground clove. And yes it taste vulgar, but my pain is almost gone after 2 minutes. worth the traid though.


it tastes absolutely HORRIBLE, but it really did work. It amazed me.


OK, I broke my tooth, and it has a whole right down the center, kind of like a filling would after the dentist drilled but it was just broken. So I got some refilit, a do it yourself temp filling I got at longs. That worked at first then that relief was gone. I did the break a motrin and rub it on my tooth, took 800 mg of motrin, even took 4 10/325 norco I had left over from a back thing, NADA. NOTHING worked! I have heard of the clove home rememdy, and figured I had nothing to loose, on a Friday/Sat 1:30am when nothing is open.

I went to my baking supplies, crushed one little clove, and applied it to my tooth. I also bit on the clove stem, about 2 minutes later if that the pain so gone like I never had pain. I littetally bit down on my tooth, and chopped my teeth together, and nothing! This worked so GREAT it really amazed me. I will never not have clove and I'm telling everyone about it.

Thank you so VERY much for posting this whomever originally posted it. Until this, I have been in severe pain for about a week or so. I have an extreme tolerance for pain but this tooth was just out of control. WI'm self employed, no one's payin' me, and the money I have has to go to feeding my daughter. So, no dentist.


Yvaughn S.

I just had all for of my wisdom teeth removed, I dont think i have dry socket but the percocet and Ibuprofen dont seem to be cutting it. when its really bad i put some Kanka on the sites and it seems to really help.
I just found this morning that if you go to a gas station and get GOODY'S Pain reliever it seems to work better then the prescribed drugs!!!!

try it! its cheap too!! I got the Arthritus Pain & Inflammation one.


Waiting for dentist appt. tomorrow for broken tooth...used clove oil that I got from a drugstore. Diluted it with 1/4 teaspoon olive oil, mixed with 4 drops clove oil--put it on a cotton ball and bit down on it for 15 minutes at sore tooth site--makes me drool like crazy but really helps with pain.


I had a tooth ache for four hours and I didn't know what to do. I read your comment and rubbed ground up cloves on my infected tooth area. It worked like a charm, and it only took seconds to work.
Thank you soooooo much to whom ever posted this.
No more tooth ache pain :)


I want to thank who ever posted this about the cloves and putting it on your tooth.....IT WORKED!!!! THANK GOD. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS I REALLY APPRECIATE IT.


CLOVE OIL WORKS GREAT! it works immediately.. it takes the pain away so fast.. just dont get it on your tounge!!!


My mom told me one you can do if you have whole cloves but no clove oil:
put a small handful of cloves in a microwave-safe dish and just barely cover them with water. Microwave 5-10 seconds. Smash up the softened cloves and stir the pixture around. Take a sterile compress (like bandaid brand but without the adhesive) and cut a small corner out, soak it in the mixture, squeeze out the excess, and shove it into the hole or crack in your tooth. One of my concerns was the piquid trickling down and numbing my throat, which triggers panic attacks in me. With my moms method, no trickle down! Im doing this as soon as I get home from work tonight.

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