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After 4 months, and $500 worth of Doctor visits, antibiotics, and antifungal creams, my 6 year old daughter's ringworm/tinea was still on her face. I came to this website hoping for something that would work and glad I did! There were three different people who suggested burning the peice of paper, applying the suphur residue and bam, next day gone...WELL IT'S THE TRUTH--IT WORKS!!! Here is exactly what I did: Take a sheet of notebook paper with the blue lines in it--wad it up loosely, place on a dinner plate and set the paper on fire. After the paper burns all the way down, blow the ashes off. Try to get ALL the ashes off. There will be a small amount of transparent orange residue left on the plate. This is called burnt sulphur. I took my fingertip and tried to get all of it on my finger, then smeared it on my child's ringworm. Yes, there were some ashes mixed, but what the heck..yes, it stung her--I blew it for her for about 3-4 minutes, and then it stopped. It also turned pink like a sunburn. I left it on overnight, uncovered. In the morning we washed her face and applied triple antibiotic ointment. She went to school with what looked like a very chapped/burned place on her face, covered in ointment. That night, we washed her face, applied triple antibiotic cream again, and the 2nd morning after the sulphur, her face was COMPLETELY healed. I could not believe it! Try it! I would not be coming back to this website, had it not worked. I had to share our experience--good luck!

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