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Take a Benadryl, I take them when I am having bad anxiety or a panic attack. It is especially helpful at night when I go to bed because my anxiety seems to get worse.

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Benadryl can be dangerous because it can both cause drowsyness and it can cause anxiety. It affects different people differently so it won't cause the anxiety reaction in everyone, but I thought I should put the warning out there just in case. I personally have to take it because it's the only thing that works for my allergies, but I have had a couple instances where I had an anxiety reaction when I ended up taking too much of it when I had a bad cold because it was in some cold syrup. I took it as directed, but it ended up being too much of the stuff for me.


This is just too dangerous. Don't waste your time with it when you can get real relief from my anxiety or panic attacks with the panic away technique.

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Completely natural and it actually works!


My doctor is against giving anyone a prescribed medicine (Xanax for example) and there are some nights when it's too much and I just need to sleep, so I do take a Benadryl. I wake feeling refreshed and my allergies don't act up!


I had a panic attack so severe that I had to go to the hospital. My doctor gave me a shot of Benadryl to calm me down.


Benedryl will destroy your kidneys, please stop using this on a regular basis, search for natural calming herbs and tea along with meditation


Benedryl,(Diphenhydramine) is in almost EVERY night time sleep aid over the counter. It makes my anxiety so much worse and makes me feel out of it for days.

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