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For planter's warts cover in duct tape until gone.

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Cheryl Watson

This really works, my son had over 25 warts on his fingers and after many failed tries of freezing, the only thing that worked was putting duct tape on them.


I actually took my daughter to the doctor about her plantar's warts and they said salycylic acid and duct tape is all you need....


This works! I suffered from plantar warts for six or seven months. Heard about this...tried it...and my foot was totally clear in about ten days. It's been over a year and no re-occurance.


This definitely works. I used it for a plantar wart with total success after just a few days. My husband recently tried it for a wart on his calf and it was gone within days, also.


This works really well. It is painless and leaves no scar.

Waterproof tape (found in first aid section) also works well for small warts on hands etc.


Yes, duct tapes does work wonders for smaller warts. BUt I have a huge planter wart on the sole of my foot. This wart has been frozen off twice, burt off twice and surgerically removed. It still grows back. I did the duct tape thing for over a year, and the wart still comes back.


Duct tape did not work for me.
i've had this plantar wart for about 10 years on the ball of my left foot and have tried castor oil, Dr applied freezing, home freezing with OTC products, garlic, OTC salicylic acid liquid and adhesive forms, duct tape, my last attempt was combo freezing & duct tape for three months ... still no luck. Same size as ever. The wart is around 1/2 inch diameter, mosaic form.


Duct tape does not work. All it does is suffocate the skin around the wart and you end up peeling dead skin off of your hands and feet for days. When you take it off, you are left with sticky residue all over and it is a bad idea and a waste of money.


This remidy doesn't work. I tried it for 2 months and it grew bigger and it smelled gross! :( :(
What i did was go to the doctors and they burned it off. Also i used apple cider viniger, vasalene, a cotton ball, and waterproof medical tape. Tgese ideas work great. Oh and i have only gotton 2 warts. And my ideas have worked great!!


cut a potato in half put it on you foot with duck tape. in the am take it off it will be black the potato made the seedes go to the top put new duck on . be for you go too bed put a new potato on with duck tape, give this two days your wart will be popping out.. no lie Az

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