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Thank you to the person who suggested a link between yeast infection and eczema!!

I never had eczema until I hit puberty. And each eczema flare up coincided with a yeast infection hitting. The link just never hit me until 10 years later when I saw this forum.

So I went to the gynae, applied some powerful antifungal creams, took oral antifungals and amazingly all the red patches cleared. Sweet relief!

Of course, yeast infections as most ladies know is recurring(same goes for eczema flare ups). Hence, it's important to work out a diet to keep yeast at bay by avoiding foods like bread for

Really hope this works for all sufferers! And thanks again the person who suggested this link!

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I agree it is a fungal thing-eczema- and I too am eating ''and'' applying some plain-no sugar- I purchased some yeast infection cream which also helps athlete feet, jock itch and ringworm--all the same group of fungus..(:)
good luck ..

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