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I was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex 1 on my vagina in October. It was extremely difficult because my partner at the time was Herpes free and I had no idea where I'd contracted the virus. Per my Gyno, I would've contracted the disease via oral sex from an infected person without an active outbreak - which is still contagious.

Since being diagnosed in October I have had constant outbreaks that were PAINFUL to the MAX!!! I cried, prayed, and searched for advice online from others like myself. I first tried a warm water ($0) and tea tree oil ($8) douche, which worked well for pain relief, but lasted only overnight at the most.

I found this website and was extremely excited to head to Walmart where I purchased the Walmart brand Tylenol-PM ($4), MERCUROCLEAR ($3), Vagisal Satin Cream ($8), and Abreva ($21). I smashed the pills mixed in all the fixin's, applied to my swollen and inflamed 'Princess' and immediately felt better. I used for several days and the itching, buring, open sores, everything cleared up.

I no longer wash with 'normal' soap as it is too 'strong' for that area. I use the Family Dollar brand Feminine Wash daily. I also take the generic Valtrex pills during an outbreak in addition to the little mixture above to spead up my headling process.

I've also cut back on the dark soda, eat more seafood, and green veggies. I also eat more fruit. I take 4000mg of L-Lysine daily, 2000mg of Garlic every other day, and a 1000mg Vitamen C daily.

I've since had no more outbreaks, I feel comfy around my partner who of course has since contracted the disease. It makes it easier dealing with a person who has Herpes, but we share a common interest in not getting anymore outbreaks :)

I can walk, cross my legs, and have sex whenever without the painful sores. Thanks to all the post before mine because you really helped me feel comfortable with the disease and control it as opposed to it controlling my life.

God Bless and I hope I've helped someone too :)

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Thank you Tenae...the first person that wrote In...I just tested positive and very made me feel a little better and will take your advice.


Hi I was wondering how you told your partner, because I was in a previous relationship when I had my first outbreak which was jus over a year ago and well I think I'm having an outbreak now and am scared to tell my boyfriend, I don't know how to tell him n I'm afraid he's going to think I cheated on him. I am also afraid that he has contracted it already from me and will have symptoms before I get the courage to tell him :( we've been together almost a year and I would be devastated if he left or thought I was cheating on him when I am not ??


Tenae' thank you so much!! I'm going to have to try your mixture... I just found out yesturday that this is what I have and I have been in so much pain!!!! What is the website that you found your recipe? I would like to check it out!!


Has this mixture really worked for anyone?


How long do you leave the mixture on?


Hi everyone, sorry for the delayed response, I didn't even think to come back and view the comments. I am so glad that I've helped you all. The recipe mixture is just a mixture of things I found to work during my outbreaks for soothing pain and eliminating the itching feeling ESPECIALLY during the workday. I swear by the Tea Tree Oil as its a natural antiseptic and any type of anti-itch cream works for me - I've even tried the Silk vagisal and CVS Brand Vagisal as well. The more tea tree oil - the less pain - it kind of numbs you and burns too - lol.

In regards to how I told my partner, I showed him my test results so that he knew it was serious, of course I cried and felt kind of embaressed, because herpes is un-curable. But I explained how I may have contracted it and that he may be at risk to. One of the best things I did for him was to buy him ALL the vitamins I was taking and made sure that everyday when I took them he did too to prevent any outbreaks. The L-Lysin(2- 100-mg daily), a mens/womens daily vitamin, Vitamin C (1000mg daily), and Galic pill (500mg every other day - it started coming out of my vagina and I didn't want Garlic Cooch :( ) But being straight up with him was important for me.

My partner has since contracted Herpes Simplex -1 on his mouth and I was sure to buy him Abreva, he had two outbreaks and none since. But I was supportive and we actually kissed during his outbreaks and I didn't have one.

Currently I am going through an outbreak - I have the sores on the inside and its just two, but one is huge, so I am searching for a good dry-out method. I am going to try the baking sode, crushed L-Lysin pill, and mix it with the Merc. since its anti-itch and make a paste - I'll let you all know how it worked out.

I'll be sure to check back often :) God Bless and be strong - it gets better


I put the mixture on after I shower and leave it on until I shower again - so all day - or overnight if I shower in the AM

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