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Hi everyone, Thanks for all the posted advice here.

I had a large and very painful boil on my forehead last summer--- thinking it was just an unusually large pimple, I tried to pop it long before it was ready and it was the BIGGEST mistake ever... It made it so much worse, more painful and i think the infection was driven deeper. Eventually it went away after the doctor lanced it, and then it oozed for about 3 more weeks before it finally was done-- left a scar too.

So, now i have another one on my cheek (GREAT!). Anyhow, this time, I had a feeling it was a boil. So, I looked on here and got some good advice... here's what seems to be working for me:
-I've been very gentle with it, keeping it clean with Tersaseptic cleanser a few times a day and keeping my hands clean/not touching my face/changing towels, etc.
-During the day, I've applied a strong polysporin and/or tea tree oil using a clean Q-tip, then covered it with a breathable bandaid (this helps me to not touch it either and makes me somewhat presentable :-). I change this dressing and rewash/reapply at least once during the day too.
-Before bed, I've taken hot Epsom Salts bath, tried to relax completely, and soaked the boil with hot compresses.
-For sleep, I've been trying a big blob of Ichthammol, then covered with gauze.

I've also applied campho-phenique during the day, but that doesn't seem to do anything special that i can tell.

After a few days of this, the boil is way better, still not great, but it looks like it's almost been dried out or something (nothing has come out of it, even though it had a white head yesterday, but woke up this morning and that was gone- it now just feels like a 'water balloon'effect).

Also, I have been eating really 'clean' for the last week, taking echinechia, vitamin C, cleansing teas, turmeric drinks, etc. I feel that it's often stress-related, so try to relax yourself.

So, it seems like this combo of treatment has worked somewhat, although not the magical immediate results others have gotten. I almost feel like I've 'derailed' the boil from being a full-blown boil. It's been exactly 1 week since the boil first reared its head and it now seems like its at least in the healing stages (much better than the month-long saga of Boil #1).

My main piece of advice though is DON'T TOUCH OR PICK OR TRY TO SQUEEZE THE BOIL on your own--- check with your doctor, or just let it come to a draining point on its own using some of the techniques advised on this site.

In conclusion, I'm not quite sure what's been the 'magic' cream or treatment with my boil --- maybe it's just a combo of keeping it clean, not aggravating it, boosting immunity/health/relaxation, using some creams/ointments, and a bit of patience!

Good luck--- this is no picnic!

Note: I live in Ontario and I could not find Campo-Phenique or Ichthammol here at any of the drugstores/walmarts, etc. Had to go across the border to get it at walgreens.

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