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I took a swig of works almost instantly. i was shocked.hope it helps

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Was it apple cider vinegar or regular vinegar


I read that cider vinegar is best the reason being vinegar is an acid and therefore the esophagus constricts as it is a muscle keeping the stomach acid down.


of course it also nearly chokes you to death, but yes, it does work. I am able to swig it then chug water. worked great while pregnant. Works great when bell peppers and garlic kill my stomach.


Yeah...I just tried that, and nearly burned my esophagus off! Terrible idea. Not trying that again.


Yeah, that was awful (apple cider vinegar was the only thing I had),but i gotta admit I'm feeling better 5 minutes later. However, I cannot imagine doing that when I was pregnant. Vomit city for sure!!!


I have tried over the counter meds and one of them worked. I was skeptical that apple cider vinegar would give me any relief but I was desperate and decided it was worth a try. The smell is terrible and the taste is beyond terrible but to my amazement I experienced almost instant relief. It is well worth the terrible taste and smell. I am going to sleep heartburn free!!!!


Wow vinegar that was terrible....I hope it works...brushing my teeth not to get rid of the taste...


I just tried the vinegar.Is it suppose to hurt more before it gets better?


I just tried this using Apple cider vinegar, oddly enough it's helping! Plugging my nose and taking a deep breath before I took a swig helped the medicine go down.


im pregnant and this i use when i have heartburn , 1tblsp 20 min before bed! WORKS GREAT

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