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Here is my situation, bad genetics run in my family for not so great teeth. I brush twice a day religously. Yet, my molars break off piece by piece. I have no insurance to help mitigate expenses. Anyway, it does get to the point where the tooth will rot away till a nerve is exposed, gross I know. But it is to prove I know the intensity of tooth pain, til it makes you wanna bunch up into a ball on a bed or couch and bust out balling. Then I break down and go have it pulled at a 100 bux a tooth. Anyway, this one measure has helped me out for the last 3 years or so. Its a combination of Water and 'Orajel - Antiseptic Mouth Sore Rinse 16 fl oz bottle', white in color and cost around 8-9 bux, and Wal Mart does carry it. I swish my mouth vigorously with cold water a couple three times and stop periodically to hold pressure against affected tooth. Then poor a little bit of the Orajel mouth rinse into the cap, about to the 2nd or 3rd thread and swish vigorously for about 2-3 minutes, every so often pause with pressure on affected tooth and let it sit and foam and swish around some more. Then spit, keep a cup near by to continue spitting, some how the spitting repeatedly helps me. I've found personally that acetaminphen or excedrin helps me greatly vs ibuprofen or aleve. I usally will pop 4-5 of acetaminphen at once or 3 excedrin, as I am a big guy, 6' 4' bout 300 lbs just for the record. With the Orajel mouth rinse it may take up 4-5 rinse cycles to kick in but it really does work for me. Fortunately, I've been prescribed for vicodin due to low back troubles. But the vicodin doesn't always help. I hope this helps out someone, as this remedy has helped more than once, especially when I needed to go to sleep.

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I am in the same boat my grandmother had bad teeth and so does my mother now i am 'blessed' with the same problem.. I also brush twice a day and my teeth just break off little by little and sometimes just break off at the gum's completely.. I have dental insurance but to fix my problem they still want $4400 after insurance.. You remedies help me thank you..

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