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If you have the stomach for it...

Acne can be cured by dabbing the eruptions with a urine-soaked baby diaper. Dab and let it dry, then wash with unscented Dial soap. It takes about 5 days to begin to see an improvement. I don't know if any first morning urine works. This was told to me over 20 years ago and it has cured everyone who has admitted to trying it. The first was my cousin Sarah. This is not a prank.

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I was wondering why do babies get skin rashes if pee is left on their skin for long periods of time.


Hello all, i am posting a comment here because a friend sent it to me after i adviced him on a way to get rid of his acne. There seems to be some confusion here so i will do my best to explain. When i was about 13 i started to get acne and it was rather bad. I heard about this remedie quit sometime ago so i did alil investigation into this theory that urine can sure acne. what i found out is that urine is actually extreamly clean and have very great healing propertys for minor cuts and even can cure ear infections, althleats foot, infected cuts, rashes, burns, and yes acne. Your skin is considerd to be the lagest organ in your body and its commonly know as the 3rd kidney, where urine just happends to come from. Now many are saying this is gross and unclean and full of bactiria and this is not true, urine is basicaly a product of your kidneys and blatter, it goes from your blatter to your kidneys and your kidney take the minirals and vitimans the body needs and passes the rest out of the body. Your urine is actually made up of vitimans, minirals, and acids that are good for you such as amino acids. matter of fact sweat from your pours is alot of what urine is only without the good parts. It is 100% clean when it leaves your body. and the smell... if you put the it on your skin is is vurtualy sentless because it absorbs into the skin leaveing zero trace. I have tryed this and from time to time i still do and i can honestly say that this works. It cleans your skin and adds vitimas and minirals you need for health skin including zinc which is very important to the skins health. You may think its gross and smells bad but these are honest misconseptions and understandable. when i first tryed it i thought it was gross as well. No for those who use over the counter acne products, you should know that is does not nor ever will cure your acne. if you stop useing it (because your skin becomes addicted to it) your acne will become much much worse. acne products make way to much money to cure it so why not try something that has no sideeffects 100% clean and natural and does not make your skin dependnt. it will also sure freckles and wrinkels will fad and many many more. i have reseached this as much as humanly possible and i do it with no regreat trying it. it will not cause you to break out worse, it will actually prevent your skin from breaking out, it does not smell bad, you wont even notice it. its not dirty its not full of bactira but however only use your own, someone elses urine may not fit your skin type and biological make up and could have different effects. IT WORKS! i have no acne and i am 19 and i have been doing this sense i was 13 years old. i rarely do it maybe once a week and i never get a zit or pimple. so honestly folks what do you got to lose? if this could work and its not dirty and unclean, then why not go for it? IT WORKS

The fact bringer

'angry' is completely wrong because in fact fresh urine contains absolutely no bacteria. It is only when urine is left to sit out does bacteria begin to feed on it.

The Fact Bringer

Additionally, fresh urine is actually cleaner than the skin on your face.


Baby urine is germ free. It does not have any bacteria in at all. Read up on it.


Babies get diaper rashes when you don't change them often because the diaper doesn let air get to the skin...
Urine is totally safe and steril. Ghandi used to drink urine every morning.
I remember 10 years ago when I just started having acne my moms co-worker who had beautiful clear, radiant skin told me to wash my face with urine every morning. She said she used her daughters urine. I never tried it because I didn't know if my own urine was safe but now that I have an infant son I will give it a try.


I THINK THIS MAY WORK ACTUALLY!! It sounds disgusting, but if u use ur own baby's pee, it may not be as disgusting. When My baby has a diaper rash I don't wipe her bum and areas unless I really have to because of bowel mvmnts or stale urine (because we slept for 5hrs straight). This really helps in preventing diaper rash, really!!.

I wipe my baby's areas after every diaper change bowel mvmnt, urine only diaper and this made her get diaper rash. I learned not to wipe her areas all the time when looking for remedies for diaper rash and this remedie wrked. So thats way am a believer that it may clear up acne. I try it next time when i get it.


Although this sounds disgusting I am a nurse and urine is actually sterile people. Unless of course you have a infection or something. There are actually people who spend hundreds of dollar to buy baby urine for there skin how it works dont know but look it up.


Dude, I wouldn't do it, but I DO believe you. Urine is good for many things such as yellowing toenails and athletes foot because it is an antibacterial and an anti-fungal. Yeah if I have bad break outs I'd do it.


Used this remedy on my baby's face when he had baby acne really bad. WORKS WONDERS...

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