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If you have the stomach for it...

Acne can be cured by dabbing the eruptions with a urine-soaked baby diaper. Dab and let it dry, then wash with unscented Dial soap. It takes about 5 days to begin to see an improvement. I don't know if any first morning urine works. This was told to me over 20 years ago and it has cured everyone who has admitted to trying it. The first was my cousin Sarah. This is not a prank.

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That's disgusting! There's a lot to be said for eating right, drinking water and getting enough sleep. Urine is a waste that comes out of your body for a reason.....not to be put back in for Pete's sake!! The best way to absorb anything into the body is through the skin so why would you put something that your body eliminates back in???????


This really does work. I went to an old Indian Dr years ago and this is what he told me to do. You have to use your first urine of the morning. Try it does work !!!


Everyone relax and let it flow (Smiles)! Using urine is not that big of a deal. In survival training, we were taught that urine is excellent for cleaning out wounds if you do not have access to extra water. Urine is steril and is also full of extra vitamins and minerals that your body didn't use that day. I have read of people that have been buried under rubble after earthquakes that have kept from dying of dehydration by drinking their own urine. Don't knock it, it may save your life someday... or atleast save your face. :)


I'm really confused.


Urin is used for all kinds of things. Its very popular in the native American culure..


i just wonder did you try this by experiment to learn it might help with acne


it works. i used my 2 months old urine for his heat rash. In 3 days his face was clearer than ever. It is an old remedie because back in the days all they had was the babies urine. I researced it before trying it though. It is called urine therapy which is no secret to the medical world. Urine is 95% water 2.5% urea and 2.5% minerals,enzymes,and vitamins.Do you research and you will be amazed.


OK PEOPLE! rather you believe it or not urine has many many many good propertys to it. urine will cure athleats foot,ear infection,acne,rashes,and many more. As a matter of fact a chinese lord who lived for many many years said that the secreat to his long life was the every morning he would drink his urine. believe it or not but this can work however its safer to use your own and it is actually the most clean thing you could use, its not dirty, and its not full of bacteria


thats interesting... How do yo do that like every morning as disgusting as it sounds, I think that can be the best acne treatment although I havnt tried it but a fair amount of respondents said it works and the other respondents talk with out trying it themselves so I wouldnt talk if I dont know, what does it do? gets rid of your acne, is it good for scars and redness? and does it have to be baby pee?


I have never heard of urine curing acne, but I have about curing ear infections. I do believe that it would work. But I would suggest everyone using there own urine.

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