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If you have the stomach for it...

Acne can be cured by dabbing the eruptions with a urine-soaked baby diaper. Dab and let it dry, then wash with unscented Dial soap. It takes about 5 days to begin to see an improvement. I don't know if any first morning urine works. This was told to me over 20 years ago and it has cured everyone who has admitted to trying it. The first was my cousin Sarah. This is not a prank.

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It really works whether u think its grosse or not!!!


Urine is actually very sterile. More so than filtered water. This could work...but I don't think I could deal with the smell of piss on my face.

P.S. washing your face with dial soap on the other hand is a big no-no. Soap is too drying. It will cause your skin to over-produce oil to compensate. Which leads to clogged pores and more eruptions. Wash with a more gentle cleanser.


Urine really does work! I was skeptical too!


I have done alot of research on home remedies and the subject of the first urin of the day comes up alot(first urine because it is strongest)I agree it's not the most atactive remedie there is but I also wouldn't put it down unless it's tried or at least more research is done on it I myself havn't had the courage to try it but I'm not saying I woun't.( I just might not advertise)


Nasty. I don't think I will be trying a remedy from like, 20 years ago. Think of all the things that we now have that we didn't back then. It may be effective, I am not saying that it isn't, however, its 2005 people, get with the program. There's all kinds of stuff that works. A good diet is one of them. Thanks.


I thought pee was the body's way of excreeting waste. How the hell is pee-pee going to cure pimples? Better yet, why use baby pee-pee? Is it better than adult pee-pee?


Gross or not Urine is actually quite sterile. Any foodborne illnesses that break out because of improper handwashing techniques are because of feces, not urine. Your body flushes out vitamins and minerals in your urine. It may be gross but it is actually very clean!




HI I haven't tried this at all but it is actually a chinese remedy. and you are supposed to use your own urine not anyone elses and also urine is sterile until air gets to it.

Chelsea the Beautiful!


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