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I've recently started suffering with RLS for the past few months, and it is pure torture!..I've went through so many sleepless nights and just wanting to tear my legs off. I was an opiate addict for about 12 years and I am only 25..RLS is part of opiate withdrawl but mine lasted way past the withdrawl stages. I never understood why until now. Now, if you think about it there is one thing that has all the vitamins and minerals people are saying to take like Magnesium, Potassium, B6, Iron, and so on..and it's cheap and very available.. Orange Juice! I drink a huge glass before bed and it works wonders for me! I'm so thankful that a lot of OJ and a lot of praying sure helped me sleep. Try it you may be surprised :) Hope I can help someone! :)

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whitney just like u! im 24 years old and im 23 days off pain killers and this leg stuff has got to go...thank u for posting this. my mind is crazy and this made me feel not alone. even tho im up all alone in the middle of the night. im gunna try ur method!


Man this shit sucks so effin bad... i've been clean from the meth now for almost 6 months. I'm 42 been using everything since the age of 12 weed,coke,,speed,pcp,acid,mushrooms, you name it i probally used it..well now since i'm sober i've acquired this RLS I HATE IT!!!! I'm gonna try this orange juice and see how it works. it gets so bad at night i really want to cut my legs off... well thanks for the info now i'm gonna try it hopefully i get some good results... peace


well i am as well 25 female and i have just came off pain killers i do know what you guys mean about the rls crap it sucks i' m only 7 days clean now but now the withdrawls have subsided the rls is the last thing to go.. this is so effin crazy and the docs don't wanna give me anything that will help with it because they know i have a dependency problem blahhhhhh.. hope you guys start to feel a difference and soon cause i know i sure do need something to take place.. or i will cut my legs off lol


I've had RLS for the last 20+ years. I am 45 years old woman and have never been addicted to anythingother then cigarrets. I smoked pot since I was 15 and had to suddenly stop. Unfortunately! I am unemployed and had a huge opportunity for a great job and lost it because I did not have time enough to clean myself and obviously did not pass the DRUG TEST. Although, I spent $250 in cleansing crap it did not work. I do not think pot is harmful at all and I do not think it is an addiction. I stopped cold turkey and I think is very stupid for employers to give a crap about pot when alcohol, coke,heroine,pain killers and all that crap is much worse. Specially when I was supposed to sit at a desk in an office all day managing drivers that have drinking and coke addiction! STUPID people! Anyway, I think you guys always had RLS and that is not a consequence of you stopping the drugs you were addicted to. The fact is that I found out lately after a surgery that oxycoden (opium based medicine you all know!) WORKED wonders with RLS, so therefore that is why you guys did not have the symptoms before. I have tried almost everything you can imagine. But I can suggest the following: Stay away from Mirapex and all the medicine said it would relief you symptoms! Go for the natural stuff. Lately I learned about magnesium pills and started to take them and had much better nights. I take one in morning and one at night. Eat a lot of bananas its great source of vitamins specially potassium. Take also the following vitamins daily. B12,iron,B2 in high dosages. All that together works wonders and it's all natural!! Good luck and congrats to all of you for saving yourselves from drugs! Good job!


hey guys... I am 24 years old and have been on and off painkillers such as percacet vicodin, oxycodone in general for the past 3 yrs or so... it started when I had surgery back in 07 and I used to do them occasionally after but never realized I could be going through withdrawals... I currently go to drug and alcohol treatment Which is mandated by probation and I tested positive for opiates and suboxone which is an opiate blocker used to help the withdrawals etc.

anyways, I am now 7 days clean from opiates and I don't want anything to do with them, although taking either this suboxone( which I am not prescribed and bought it on the street) comes in a listerine type strip and taking 1/8th of it allows me to sleep. I can't tell the treatment center that I have been addicted to pills so I told them I took ny prescription oxycodone for my tooth pain 4 days in a row and then felt a bad pain in my keg and talked to a friend blah blah and that's why I peed dirty for suboxone... but seriously the suboxone is the ONLY thing that helped me with rls, xanex didn't rreally do much and I can't take it while in the program anyway, so please help me... I don't have any withdrawal symptoms anymore besides being a little exhausted and lazy and unmotivated but ill get over that, I just can't Fu**ing stand this rls bullsheeeeet ... thanks for listening guys it's 630 am and I have work at 9am

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