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My name is Erica, and I have had panic attacks since I was 13, i'm 24 now. Most people can say their fear or phobia is at least adult.Ever since I was 13 I have been terrified of falling asleep,being alone, or being in the dark. I have tried psychology, psychiatry, self help, guided meditation and drooling medication. I cannot simply avoid my fear, every night I must force myself into a room I know will trigger a several hour long panic attack. I will suffer in silence because others can't understand my fear, and I sometimes am positive I will die before I wake. I know this probably isnt what you want to hear but i needed to share with someone the horrid existence im experiencing. People think im lazy because I stay up late and sleep in all day, the truth is even being in my room in the dark causes me so much anxiety its normally 4-5 am before I fall asleep. Like I said I have tried it all. I love marijuana. I have panic attacks at the thought of falling asleep, which isnt condusive to falling asleep, go figure. I usually smoke (or make banana bread) Right at the first sign of sweating. I love marijuana because not only does it allow your brain to react to the stimuli at a slower pace, it also keeps all your muscles loose, which helps because if yours are like mine, they get done and you feel like youve run a marathon. I hate sleeping and cant take sleeping pills because they have a wicked morning after effect AND I will fight them until they wear off. I know you take a sleeping pill to sleep, well my PTSD wont allow that to happen. I recently went back to the psychologist and he said he wanted to help me re-experience the event, no thank you, once was enough.

Smoke some pot, bake it in to your baked goods, I dont care how you ingest it, but if your having a panic attack, grab a blanket, call that one good friend who understands, and spark a bowl, you can't fight it, you just have to learn to ride the wave of PTSD, good luck my friends

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Hi erica and other stressers. I'm pretty much in the same boat here with ya. Never really talked bout it to anyone or posted anything about it. But since I was 18 I have traveled from militarty base to mili base. I do work for them as a contractor. I'm 25 now. And honestly like ms. Erica being alone or fear of sleep keeps me up then high stress levels at work due to lack of sleep and sometimes long hours causes me to stay up three or four days at a time. Longest I stayed stressed up like that was 7 or 8 days till my body physically shut itself down. Dunno if its going to help me or anyone else but just wanted to tell someone being its almost 3am and my day starts in a few hours.


+Loneliness, Unbelief, negative thoughts and many other reasons may be the cause of panic attack. But it's from the enemy of one's soul. The devil constantly speaks lies during an attack. So prevent before it occurs.
Trust the LORD. Lean not on your own understanding.
Be anxious of nothing. Carry everything to God in prayer . Talk to Jesus as a friend. I got the help of people prayin for me too. Nothing is impossible with God.


My grandson smoking weed is just one cause of my intense miserable anxiety and depression. Dealing with teen juvenile authorities is horrible. I'm still looking for something to help me. Teas, supplements, benadryl, nothing helps. I sleep one night from exhaustion and up all night the next worrying. I won't be trying marijuana.


dont think weed really helps your anxiety......a long term effect of smoking marijuana is that it causes anxiety. May help you cope with it at the time but in the long run its probably only making things wore, same with alcohol...would try a diff approach and I hope this helps


Hi all, I have suffered with anxiety and depression for almost 10 years. They put me on medicine but I took myself off after 2 months because it made me feel awful. I tried everything! self help books, wine, meditation, etc. only to find a temporary relief. I always felt life was passing me by!

I know it is truly important to eat a healthy diet with vegetables anf high protein. Cutting out sugars and caffeine.

It wasnt until I gave my life to Christ that He gave me the relief of my anxiety! I meditate on His word every day or whenever I was anxious about something. I'll leave you with the verse that healed my anxiety

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

He loves you!!
I hope this helps you!


i feel your pain erica, i have had anxiety on and off since i was 17, im now 34 and the symptoms have only worsened, to the point sometimes where i cant see properly and i can barley control my arms and legs, my muscles hurt all over caus i am so tense. it happened in the store once, i was so embarrassed as i couldn't pick up the pen and sign my receipt. my only cure at the moment is alcohol, maybe i should try smoking some marijuana.


I haven't had weed in about ten years. But in the past year my anxiety has increased, so I decided to smoke again. Well, I got so 'noided' I had to pop 3 xanex just to calm down. Pot helped when I was younger, unfortunately now it just made me worse. I really wish I could use it and get the same effects as when I was younger.


Whats up Erica. Don't know if you still read these things on here. Just wanted to say you are not alone. anxiety is my enemy and i have not yet to defeat it. Myself i hate prescriptions{taking pills} i to medicate with marijuana. i use to get attacks when sleeping and the only thing that helps is to hold on tight to something till its over with. And it truely does feel like runnin a marathon after words. umm not sure what else to say so thanks for your story.

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