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Im 12 and I have my ears piercerd and im stretching so that creates pusie stuff along with my ear infection it sucks so I took out my plugs to avoid irratation and snagging I took a wash rag in a bowl with hot water,vineger and I think the saline I use to clean my ear lobes just to be safe and I put in in the microwave for 30 seconds and placed it on my infected ear and it worked in about 5-10 mins I fell completly better I also took a wd 40 straw like thing to increase pressure from can and sprayed.into bad ear and clogged with cotton ball works great!!!

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You should just use soao and water in the shower to clean your piercings. Once a week sterelize them in alcohol once a week. Im a tattoo apprentice and experianced piercer.


Putting too much pressure in your ear can cause ear drums to burst. Please be careful (in regards spraying in ear with straw and pressurized can).


you can't be serious...

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