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This may seem like a lot, but it really works! First, get an OTC medication called Cystex. I found it at Wal-Mart. Unlike AZO, it has a low-dose anti-bacterial medication. Also, take the following vitamins/minerals: turmeric, vitamin C, cranberry, and echinacea. If you want to skimp, the last two are really the most important! We all know the benefits of cranberry for women, but echinacea is like nature's antibiotic. Use the recommended dosage on the bottles (I usually double up on the cranberry). Constantly drink water, water, water only. I just carry a huge bottle with me at all times. If you're going to drink cranberry juice, get the 100% juice - all natural - from the health food store. Don't drink alcohol or have sex while your body is healing. I felt much better within 24 hours. After a few days I was definitely on the road to 100%!

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I get UTIs about once a month. The longest I went without one was after I had a kidney stone in Feb. 2013. I didn't get another UTI till June.
However, recurring UTIs can indicate the presence of a kidney stone, so you should check with your doctor. Also, an untreated UTI can infect your kidneys, which will result in fever and possible kidney damage, so be careful.
I have taken so many antibiotics that most of them no longer work on me; I have to have a urine culture and bacteria susceptibility test to determine which antibiotic will work on that particular germ.
It has been a month and a half since my last UTI and now I have another one, a real whopper! So I don't really have any answers; will try to find Uva Ursi--at least, that is something I have NOT tried yet.


Anyone that looking to buy cystex tablets and the liquid that live in uk you can buy them on ebay and amazon don't no if they really work as still waiting for them to come. I've a a uti for 8 months now nothing that doctors have gave me as worked so need to try everything I can as I'm trying for a babie it making it as it makes it much worse after just get the feeling to pee all the time don't get any pain at all sometimes stings after sex


I just wanted to thank the person that posted the info about Uva Ursi liquid extract. Reading the post I thought- surely this is too good to be true.

[b]It's not![/b] After doing some further research it seems many people from many cultures have used this for thousands of years as a [b]cure[/b] for UTIs. Not as something that made the pain go away but an actual honest to goodness cure.

Uva Ursi is a natural anti septic that will flush out your kidneys and your UTI. It works best in an alkaline environment so DO NOT combine it with cranberry juice (which will make the environment acidic). This supplement is enough on it's own. No Cystex. No cranberry. No antibiotics.

I have had UTIs my whole life. I hate having to shell out money to go to a doctor, wait for hours, pee in a cup, and get 'diagnosed' with a UTI just so the dr can write me a perscription for an antibiotic. It's ridiculous. I know what's wrong with my body thanks. Don't need your validation.

Anyway- a few years ago I discovered 100% pure cranberry juice will flush out a UTI fast if you can choke enough down fast enough. Hate cranberry juice- and the supplements are not an effective replacement.

For $10 I went to the Vitamin Shoppe. Picked up the Uva Ursi extract. Mixed it with a little water. Drank another full glass of water directly after. Voila. Pain gone (better than cystex), and after continued use (3x a day- thinking about going for a week just to make sure it's gone) I don't feel the pain coming back at all! This is faster and likely better for you than any antibiotic ever. I will keep it stocked in my medicine cabinet from this point forward.

My only regret is that I'd never heard of this sooner. Thank you a thousand times over to JM. I will literally be eternally grateful.


Yesterday I went to the er because my back was hurting they made me pee in a cup and then about 30 mins later they came and told me well you ha e a UTI I said ok. They came me. Bactrim and tramdol for pain and its not helping so tonight I went to Walmart and brought the azo cranberry and vitamin c chewabls. Dose anyone know if you can take bactrim and azo cranberry and vitamin c all together


Defiantly cystex pills,, the cystex cranberry liquid is good but it is not a pain releiver and does not have antibiotic, the cystex liquid is more to prevent a uti but does help when you have a uti but it's more for daily use. So if you have a uti defiantly get the cystex PILLS And also try drinking palo azul on daily basis. It helps I get the palo azul at fiesta food market and cystex at either Walgreens or Walmart


Cystex didn't help me at all. Have been taking it for 2 days now and I would says the pain and urge to urinate is worse.

Rachel West

Cystex is a probiotic preventive product shouldn't be confused as a real treatment for a urinary tract infection. The UTI symptoms should be an indicator that you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor because the only real cure for a UTI is a antibiotic. But you also don't want to have to pay the thousands of dollars that are associated with having the go to the ER. So what do I do with my chronic UTIs? I schedule an appointment (which usually takes a week) and I go to the store and I pick up Cystex. This probiotic works great as a buffer between the UTI on the antibiotic. This keeps you from getting worse. After you are finished with the UTI and are better, you should really start being more proactive about UTI. There have a Maintenance Relief product that you only have to take a tablespoon a day and you will be free from reoccurring UTIs. Check out if you are interested in what I'm talking about.


2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 8oz glass of water worked amazingly for me. Also including vitamin c, no sex, and drinking a lot more water. I felt great after a

couple days. You drink the ACV concoction till the infection goes away. I don't like taking antibiotics since most of them might not even cure your UTI. Good luck and I hope you find relief.

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