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This may seem like a lot, but it really works! First, get an OTC medication called Cystex. I found it at Wal-Mart. Unlike AZO, it has a low-dose anti-bacterial medication. Also, take the following vitamins/minerals: turmeric, vitamin C, cranberry, and echinacea. If you want to skimp, the last two are really the most important! We all know the benefits of cranberry for women, but echinacea is like nature's antibiotic. Use the recommended dosage on the bottles (I usually double up on the cranberry). Constantly drink water, water, water only. I just carry a huge bottle with me at all times. If you're going to drink cranberry juice, get the 100% juice - all natural - from the health food store. Don't drink alcohol or have sex while your body is healing. I felt much better within 24 hours. After a few days I was definitely on the road to 100%!

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What is Cystex and how does it relieve/cure UTI?


I bought the Cystex in the liquid form and took the echinacea and drank cranberry juice. The Cystex liquid is great! one tablespoon equals 8 glasses of cranberry juice.


I wanted to share my info through any forum that I could. I just recently had a UTI and I have no health insurance so I was looking for natural remedies. In my research, I came across a plant called Uva Ursi. I found it at a natural food/herb store. I got the drops, you put 1mL in a small amount of water 3 times per day. Let me tell you... within an hour I had no pain, no blood and no frequent urge to urinate (minus the 200oz of water that day lol). Just thought I'd let you in on my success story to help out. Good luck to you all, I know UTI's are no fun...


This goes to show that we really can heal ourselves if we just do our homework and make the effort to listen to our bodies. I too am trying the Cystex pills as well as the Cystex cranberry liquid and I feel 90\\% better (I am still working on getting rid of mine)! As mentioned, one tablespoon of liquid equals eight glasses of cranberry juice. It also contains vitamin c, but I'm taking an extra vit c supplement to be sure. I also double up on the Cystex liquid because I was having symptoms.


i can't find they cystex liquid...any thoughts? Thanks


I've had UTI problems for some time now. During a doctor's visit, he had prescribed antibiotic and said, if I follow his recommended doses, I will not have any more problems; which, I did follow his instructions. But then, I still have had problems afterwards. So I've tried AZO, Cyctex and many more. But recently, I tried the recommended remedies from this website. I drank plenty of water, cranberry pills, uva ursi, and echinacea. They worked fast and I feel wonderful. Thank you ladies.


I have used the cystex off and on for years. My Gyno said that I can take both the Cystex and the Azo together for added releaf. If you decide to take both make sure you eat somthing or it will upset your stomach.


I'm trying the cranberry, vitamin c, echinacea, and apple cider vinegar... I couldn't find cystex, or anything like it, is it only available in the united states?? But I talked to a friend who suggested adding the apple cider vinegar... I'm in so much discomfort, I really hope this works!! I try to avoid the pill pushers at the hospital and do everything naturally... Thanks!!


Hi, I am a Certified Pharmacy Tech, Cystex is by far the best over-the-counter product to buy. When and if I get a uti I combine Cystex with a daily 2 glass minumum of Palo Azul (blue stick) tea. The palo azul has been used as a natural kidney, urinary, bladder, and colon cleanser. It also cures huccups! Palo azul has been prescribed by dr.s for centuries. Info on palo azul can be found online at home remedies, palo azul is available on ebay or at certain south texas meatmarkets! Its my cheapest remedy that I personally use! I hope this helps all willing to try home remedies. :)


I just bought cystex at my local Walgreens. Haven't tried it out yet to say it works but maybe for those people having a hard time finding it, I would suggest your local drugstore. With my savings card I got a discount and inside comes a manufacturer coupon for the liquid cranberry one. I will definitely buy it. I've had one official UTI before but it seems crazy how my body wants to constantly be infected! The second one never went passed that but this is the third time I get the symptoms! Hope this works!

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