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Put lemon juice on the thumb or something that the child doesn't like to prevent him from sucking his thumb.

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I know there is a money back guaranteed to work Thumbsucking treatment kit. It can be found on Amazon by searching for ThumbGuard.
9/10 kids are sucessfull over the past decade.


No matter what crazy remedy you choose, if the child - or ADULT - doesn't want to stop sucking their finger nothing will work! There's always a way around anything you put on the finger. My parents even tried a cast! As soon as it was taken off months later she went right back to sucking & still does as an adult. I guess the only way to stop it is thru psychological intervention. Who knows shock therapy or hypnotherapy??!!!


Hello, I have a toddler who will turn two this week. She just started sucking on her thumb and I want to stop it right away. I feel it is stopping her from doing other things. It is a fight for her to eat, talk or play because she wants to have her thum in her mouth all day. It's like she just discovered it and loves it. Would it help if I try to eradicate the problem v.s wainting a few years and let her really get used to her thumb.


I know this might not be for kids or guys.. But my mother used to bite her nails for as long as I could remember.. I mean she used to have no nails at all. A lady she worked with for her birthday got her nails done for her.. She kept the fake nails going for a few good years.. Since then my mother has never tried biting her nails again. Maybe something to try with teen girls or female adults.


Yeah none of theses things work. I am a victim of thumb sucking and I am 21 years old and I to this day still can not break the habit! I dont do it in public or anything but it sure was interesting telling my live in boyfriend. However I am trying really hard to quit right now. We have a 1 year old son and I caught him doing it and I think he might have picked it up from me. If anyone knows a good way to get rid of the habit PLEASE let me know I have tried just about everything!


I sucked my thumb until i was 7 years old. My Mother tried everything possible. It took my dentist to create a uper mouth brace that poked my thumb to have me stop, took couple of weeks but work awesome. I't took the dentist to suggest it because my two upper front teethe were actually curving over my thumb. wasn't that expensive also , this was in the 70's. best of luck


A friend of mine told me about a game here uncle came up with to stop her 3 year old from thumb sucking. First they ensured no one was on her case about it, then whenever they nitice her thumb in her mouth they would say thumbs up, making it into a game and seeing who would be quickest. within a week she had stopped. It probably only works really good in the stage where the child is not concious of their habit yet and also unaware that you are trying to eliminate the habit!!

happy finally

i am 39 and just stopped - it was my dirty secret for years. my parents handled it badly my mom would startle me by yanking my hand away or slapping my face from behind my sister and brothers made fun of me and told on me -i have ruined my mouth and spent so muc money tried to fix them - then the day came that i got a puppy (i am such a simpleton) and that was it. one day went by and another and another and a week it has been since 01/27/10 and i am so happy - so my advice to frustrated parents, love them enough to get them help and dont make them feel ashamed it will worsen. thanks for listening (and my puppy rocks!)

heartbroken and helpless

My son is six and we can not get him to stop sucking his thumb. The problem is he MOSTLY does it at school all day according to his teacher, none of the kids make fun of him, the teacher has tried positve re-enforcement and rewards he's a good student. I don't know what to do he's gotten much better at home but literally sits at his desk with his thumb in his mouth all day. Idon't know what to say to her or how to help him.Everything I've read here call it their 'dirty secret' with my son it's a public declaration!


Try a thumbguard, and if that won't work you might need to check with your dentist about getting a fixed palatal crib.

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