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My son has been experiencing serious tooth pain. I've gone through this myself with abcessed tooth pain. When it comes to your teeth, the word pain just doesn't fit. There's another word for it that probably isn't allowed, lol.

I knew about the tea. I found that one on my own. That is the first thing I grab when mine begin to start up. I now have two teeth that are a problem. One more serious than the other. And an excellant remedy for anyone who has a hole in their tooth causing serious pain. It's called Dent's extra strength Toothache Gum. I swear by it, mine is between two teeth so I pack it in. It's a little sore at first, that's from the newly applied pressure when you put it in.

Here's the order I use when I put this in:
1. If it hurts -> tea
2. Brush the area where your gonna be putting this gum stuff (it's more like a mix between gum and way with fibers in it)
3. Rinse with water (you don't want any food in that tooth!
4. Pack it in!
5. You will find that it'll take a little time getting it worked in there.

I've been using this for a year and a half on the same tooth! By all means see the dentist, but if money is a problem as for me. This stuff is the absolute best. You'll see for yourself.

I found it at Wal-Greens. If you can't find it, here is a link to the distributor. Maybe a call to them will help to find it. Plus, there is a picture of the exact product package.

(It will not allow links) so you'll have to add in the 'w's' and dots. Hope it works, if not search for Grandpabrands. The phone number on the package is 1 800 684-1468

One application for me last between 2-4 weeks. Plus, I have noticed, this tooth hasn't broken down like my other one (same tooth, but on the opposite side)

It also worked for another tooth that had little holes (cavity). I just brushed then rubbed it in over the tooth. This was last week. The pains gone. It will not work for teeth that have the root exposed. (yeah, I have one) The root is dead, but other teeth that start to hurt along the nerve always agitates it.

I really hope all of you find relief some way or another. I feel your pain. It's not even near a funny thing when they begin to hurt. When relief comes, good grief, ya kinda feel like you got a second chance in life. Lol. I think some will understand that. Good Luck, sincerely...

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Thank you for mentioning the Dent's gum. I had gone through my normal regimen of salt water rinses and Advil, but nothing was helping this time. As soon as I read your post I went to Walgreen's and picked some up. I have a broken tooth that is almost gone and required to pretty big chunk of the gum, but almost all of my pain is gone now! Took a little while for the medication in the gum to kick in, and I'm not 100% pain free (jaw is still sore, and a little of the tooth pain is still there) but I will be able to sleep tonight!


There is clove in this and 20% Benzocaine.

I ran right out and got some Naproxin and Dents Gum. He is noticing it slipping around a little and having to reposition it, but he is feeling much better!


I found this at Walgreen's it works wonders & stopped my tooth pain. Well I ran out of it about a month ago, went looking for it at Walgreen's & was told they stopped making it. Nothing has compared to what Dent's toothache gum does. I've tried the tea bag, vanilla extract, & garlic.. it didn't work but a few minutes for me.

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