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Hey im a 19 year old male and im writing to tell the dangers of stds(genital warts). It all started last year when i was having regulary one night stands with random girls. I used to be very popular and done alot of sleeping around which think was my problem. Last year i had up to 15 one night stands and after a wile i noticed red lumps appear on the front of waist line, i paid to heed and couple weeks later i noticed warts underneath my fourskin, i was to embarrassed to visit the std clinic. About a month later they appeard on my anus and weeks later multipled and grew in numbers. It was then i started having problems, everytime i went to the toliet i had till bath and shower after. And when i was out my friends started laughing and making jokes behind my back. I realised then thr was a smell of me, i started to bath and shower more everyday but even after a bath i still stunk. I then visitd my Gum unit were the doctor sprayed them and gave me cream. They reduced in size after wile but shortly reaapeard. This has to be the worst thing to happen anybody, am i alone?? I never left the house, gave up my job and became very insecure. I went to the clinic 3 times after this and the same process happend, went away a bit then came back. At one time i thought the only way outa this was suicide.. I tryed vinger i tryed everything, they all stung very bad and i was in bed for days in pain and itching. I tryed the clinic a last time and now there looking clearer than ever before, Ive started back at mass and pray to god every nite, If i could roll back time i wud have been alot more carefull. Thanks for hearing me out, my point being think twice before unprotected sex, this ruined my life and il never be right for a long time. Im off sex for along time and condoms will ALWAYS be used. thanks

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You may be a teen but why r u sleeping around? DOn't you know you could kill yurself of an anal sickness?

Aeon JIminy

I have many the same problem.


Further research on my part found condoms were not blocking hpv virus. Makes you wonder how they can block HIV then. Depressing news for everyone people using condoms alike.


Idk if you will see this or respond, but how have you been since then? Im 19 and struggling just like you and i feel the same way. I recently had surgery to remove them and it was the most painful month of my life. I wanted to die every day. And now i can feel them coming back and im starting to smell that odor again. Any advice?


The HPV wart smell is real. I smelt this smell from a guy i was seeing for 1 month.

A month after that i got warts on my anus even with protected sex.

Later, I went to a doctor who put TCA on my entire anus instead of locally treating each HPV wart on my anus. (this is what happens when fresh students treat you and they never inform you that they have never done anything like this before and decide its safe for them to act without supervision)

From two small warts, 70\\% of my anus grew to be covered in cauliflour-like warts after that doctor put the TCA all over my anus. Pain beyond belief.

ANYWAY - after excruciating pain and a lot of crying, i realized that

TCA IS the way to get rid of HPV warts.

Just Buy 100\\% TCA from Amazon and it will come in the mail to your home. Use it very carefully on each wart with a precision Q-tip and let it dry. Do not touch healthy skin AND most importantly, put paper towel and cotton swabs in between your anus after you are done so that eh TCA won;t come into contact with healthy skin. You should always have a piece of paper towel in between your anus when you have anal HPV warts so that the warts dont spread.

Putting on the TCA will hurt. Its literally corroding the warts away. The warts still have nerve endings but they are essentially cancer cells so you need to kill them. Even if they are superficial, you could still develop cancer later.

Just use TCA carefully on your anal warts with a magnifine mirror+built in light, in your own wash room.

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