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Jacob Meyer

Hey.. I had these warts on the bottom of my toes on my left foot.. well toes then the foot for like 1-2 years... tried everyhitng the garlic.. nothing.. ducttape.. noithing even banana peel... nothing.. So I read about aloe vera but iut has to be the female plant... for some reason.. as I am in tucson az its growing outside my house.. So I chose the female and just kept applying it, and it finally killed them took about a month and a half but not only did it kill the center but no painful burns cuts or rememdies by paying a doctor so much money...!!!!! don't do it!!!!! JUST USE ALOE VERA CUT IN IN HALF LIKE A LEMON, AND APPLY THE GOOEY PART ON THE WART. TAPE IT ON IT YOU HAVE TO... JUST KEEP APPLYING IT AS IT WILL DRY FAST.. THE SLIME AND THE SLIMIER THE BETTER... HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!

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How can you tell a female from a male aloe vera plant?

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