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eat three dill pickles ( contain acid and salt )
then get a large cup of hot tap water, dump around a tablespoon and a half of salt in and mix really well. check temperature, then GARGLE, please DO NOT DRINK this or it will make you very sick ><
for small children you can heat up the water a bit in the microwave, then add in honey to sweeten the taste. but make sure they understand they CANNOT drink it, and check the temperature before giveing it to them. if they don't gargle regularly give them some plain water first and help them to make sure they know how to. swallowing the salt water would be very bad ><
if you want to drink water after but cold water feels like it's coating your throat and swelling it, get a mug, add in several spoon-fulls of honey, then fill the base up a nice way with lemon juice. stir it up some, then add in some ice, then pour in some water and stir some more. the lemon juice will help continue to clear out your throat, while the honey will soothe and give it a nice taste. ^-^ you can still taste some of the lemon but it's not too bad, and you can ajust ingredients as needed. it's not PURE cold water, but it's better than nothing and it helps further. ^-^

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Thank you sooo much! I had a terrible sore throat, then I ate three pickles and now it's like my throat never even hurt!


i love pickles, and we have spicy pickles too so it helps clear out the nasal passage too!


i think this idea is amazing my dad had strep throat and this idea mixed with some of the other ideas resolved the situation instantly we didnt have any pickels so we used hot colaflower it works in my oppion a little better because its a little bit hotter than spicy pickles but the cold water mixture helped him feel like he could drink something without it burning his throat i am going to use this any time my throat is sore. thankyou so, so much.

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