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Put hot sauce on the child's thumb. The hotter the better. They have to learn some way.

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That is a terrible idea!!!


Good idea only, kids rub their eyes, not sure that would cause another problem. Plus a women just got put on trial for child abuse for that.


That is cruel!!!!!!


Idiot! The goal is a deterrant not horrible pain, there are other options. My pediatrician recommends bitters


Height of cruelty!! Why shouldn't you put it in your mouth the hotter the better before suggesting anybody else in a forum. Bloody hell don't you have any sense of responsibility what u r suggesting.


My mom did it to me. I stopped sucking in two days. My sister on the other hand became a fan of hot sauce.


Some kids actually love the taste of hot sauce :)


LOL My girlfriends kid looked at me , dunked it in her water then went back to sucking her thumb

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