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Billie Jean

It sounds bad, but smoking weed helps stomach pain. Just blaze up a blunt, you'll feel much better.

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Kyle's Girl

really ? weed & one stupid ass put on here heroin helps???!!!!! omg children go on here too Dumb asses! its not a damn joke retards. have fun frying ur brain & all ur other organs! # real talk

i speak the truth

hemp is the most useful plant on the planet. hemp oil cures most cancers within 3 month and skin cancer within 2weeks. good documentary on youtube 'run from the cure' and the website. hemp cures stomach ailments,excema.,dermatitis and lots more. do your research people


Ugh really... like using illegal drugs is always the answer... oh please... grow up and use normal household items Instead.of illegal substances that fry your brain...


Hmmm... What if im twelve friggin years old!


Everyone who is hating like they need something to do:
1. Pot smokers aren't listening to your counter arguments so save that hot air in those uncontaminated lungs (lawllllll)
2. Believing that pot is more dangerous than legal drugs like cigarettes or alcohol is naive and a result of years of negative propaganda. Look at the direction marijuana and its use has gone over the last ten years and cautiously climb from underneath your rock.
3. If you're worried about kids being swayed by a message board post, you need to criticize parenting rather than a thread comment. That's real talk

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