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Billie Jean

It sounds bad, but smoking weed helps stomach pain. Just blaze up a blunt, you'll feel much better.

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To Md: 1.we weren't talking about weed we were talking about marijuana
2.Her school is probably fine
3.there's nothing wrong with learning 4.weed gives you cancer


1. Weed is a muscle relaxant thus your cramps will ease off.
2. Why are you even arguing.
And 3. I've just smoked one and my stomach pains are gone. :D

common sense

Do you realize how reactionary nutty it is to say someone is sick AND should be locked up because they suggested a remedy that works for them on a discussion thread? What kind of 'weed is evil and should never be mentioned' propaganda from the 1930's have you been listening to? That's so closed minded and intolerant I can't believe someone would actually believe that attitude and then repeat it!

To the point

There are all kinds of strands of 'mary jane' out there and all of it will cause many different things to happen to your body. But, there is absolutely no evidence out there to support the lies that are being fed to good people about a good plant to help cure many different ailments along with stomach aches. People have been using this plant since cave men really were around...people and our government need to quit telling people lies to keep it illegal so that they can cash in when they do drug busts' and seize property,cash,and drugs. They eventually end back on the streets. Me, I have smoked hash that had a government seal in the please, someone tell me, why is it illegal?


Awh this is cute, people are saying you can get cancer from smoking dope.
No, it's an extremely rare occasion (if you put spin and tobacco in your blunt then yeah you have a higher chance) but it's really only the chemicals in cigarettes that do the harm, over use of tobacco and those chemicals, then you have cancer.

I am actually super super against smoking dope but my father in law has cancer and has a medically prescribed bong sitting in his bedroom, a stick is meant to last him 3 weeks (like that happens though). Weed keeps his mind off of the pain and on the munchies and making sure he doesn't green out (it's not pretty.. watching him vomit).

I do not recommend this as a regular or one-off pain reliever for anybody, but who's to say I'm the boss here?

Besides, what is up with the IP addresses showing? :
That's so super incredibly illegal where I'm from.
OH AND since when were 10 year olds allowed on the internet? :|

I'm going off topic.



WTF I am 12 years old and I think I am going to try it joking! LoL


kids need to know the truth people. Im a paraplegic that uses it every day. it should be legal and sold in stores where alcohol is now served. they got the laws along wrong and peoples minds are still screwed up thinking kids should not read the truth - Im a Teacher so now you can blast me for never wanting me to teach your kids physics or calculus - but then again your kids will never be in an upper level class.


wow i am a 13 yr old girl screamin in pain for a stomach ache even now it makes you feel better? (btw i wouldnt kowIM DRUG FREE) do you know your slowly killing yourself aaaduhhhhh!?!?!?!?!?! crazy person.


look what Im telling you well at least going too that is is the following:
WHAT THE HELL! I dont mean to be seen as an idiot that practically believes every thing they get told but jeez they've discovered a cure to cancer HELLO! the medical industry is just keeping down and kinda outta the way... Why? you might wonder?
becuase they can't make any friggin money on it since it's just a simple drug like a medical drug or whatever not that crap that's maybe even part antifreeze what they call ecsticy or something however you spell it sice Im only in grade six like what the... I know more than most adults know jeez sorry for all the swearing but just to get my point through how pissed I am at the medical industry or whatever that is covering tis epic discovery up completly cause they cant make cash on it!!!!! Here is just a short version of what Im trying to get throug to you since Im getting off topic: THEYVE DISCOVERED A CURE TO CANCER TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW RESEARCH IT FIND OUT MORE TELL THE WORLD THAT THIS UNIVERSITY IN CALGARY DISCOVERED THE FRIGGIN CURE TO CANCER IF EVERYONE DOES THIS EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO ADMIT ITS TRUE AND THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY WILL HAVE TO ADMIT IT TOO!
btw sorry for swearing a bunch of times and seriously i actually am in grade six


You disgust me...

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