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Billie Jean

It sounds bad, but smoking weed helps stomach pain. Just blaze up a blunt, you'll feel much better.

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Maggie May

Marijuana does help with nausea and stomach father died of cancer and if it wasn't for marijuana he would have been miserable in the last years of his life this was in the late 80's in medical marijuana licenses here in the lone star state....I do agree that you want to smoke an indica strain when this is happening, Sativa strains can act as a stimulant whereas indica is more of a never want stimulants in your body when you have stomach pain, especially chronic pain (no pun intended)


Wow, srsly, I have kids that went on here, u have problems!


Drugs are NOT an option


sounds good free marc


Heroin makes my stomache ache symptoms disappear


Then worry about the cancer you just gave youself by smoking. Idiot


no offense,but this is crazy!!!kids (like me im 10)might listen to this!!!ur lucky i learned about this in school.SMOKING GIVES YOU CANCER!!!!


No thanks....not for my 8 y/o child.


Of course you shouldnt give medical marijuana to a child. You would have to be retarded to do that. But for an adult, as long as it's done legally, it does work. And there are other ways of consuming the medicine as well, such as edibles, so no need to worry about lung cancer. Bottom line is, it works for some people, and doesn't for others. Use your own discretion and be responsible.


1.Smoking marijuana doesn't cause cancer.
2.Trying getting cancer, an going through chemo/radiation with out marijuana.
3.What school do you go to because the teachers, principals, counselors and everybody else there should be FIRED! (Except for the janitors, they probably smoke =])

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