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Billie Jean

It sounds bad, but smoking weed helps stomach pain. Just blaze up a blunt, you'll feel much better.

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that sounds soo goood riht noe...haha


i just smoked a blunt of (Sour)that didn't work!


I smoke everyday because of stress and entertainment!! It does help with pain though, all types but I can't give that to my 8 year old son :(


sounds good right about now 8D


Dude you dont post that on there thats a bit wrong and kids are trying to make their tummies fell better and you say weed wtf dude!?


its not bad at all


it also helps with hangovers. most people cant eat on when they are hungover, but high you feel better and eat. enjoy!!


you want to smoke indica to relieve stomach ache while sour diesel is a sativa, but be aware, it give you a strong body high , do not drive after....better at night. As a woman, I use indica weed every time i got my period.


How sick to suggest that. People like you should be locked up.


Weed doesn't cure stomach aches as much as it just makes you not care about the stomach ache.

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