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Lisa in Mesa AZ

After reading everyones diverse solutions for this condition, I concluded what would work for my situation. 1 yr ago my daughter, age 11, developed a sore on her head. Blistering, bleeding, and Terrible dander. Not even expensive medicated shampoos would work. Then I noticed developement on other parts of her body, eyebrows, elbows etc. I had to get this under control. As a baby she would occasionally develope red patches on her body which we would treat with oatmeal but I had forgotten about that till I read this site.

These solutions immediately worked for her. And by immediate, I mean after the first use! I bought the whole line of Aveeno products,found in the baby section of the grocery. This is a wheat oatmeal formula. Baby wash-shampoo, showergel, lotion, conditioner, leave in conditioner. $5-7 per bottle. I also bought a jar of sea salt bath and a bottle of centrum kids megavitamin (VitE). A total of about $50. After using the hair products she took a bath in salt-aveeno mix (very small amount of each). The next day was just leave in conditioner and lotion. This will be her routine for years to come. But she smiled! The blisters and redness went away on all areas, and the flaking was gone after the second wash. I cannot say enough about our happiness and results.

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Did you use just the regular Aveeno Baby or the eczema lotion? I have severe problems with placs on my scalp and am looking for something not steriodish since I have 2 very young children. Thanks!

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