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Like many of you I couldn't afford a dentist. I had 3 teeth that had broken off at the gum line (root canals) and several teeth that at times would hurt so bad, I wished I had a gun to shoot my face off! I was sure that couldn't hurt as bad as my teeth were.
I found one solution that always helped.
Pau D'arco. I would drink 3 or 4 cups of strongly made tea a day. As long as I drank that, the pain stayed away and it helped the infections. You can also get it on concentrated drops. Pau D'arco has many benefits but after years of bad teeth, this is the only thing that worked over long term.
There is no pain like teeth pain, I so feel for all of you. If you can't afford a dentist, please give this a try.

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with all thats going on in the world..why can't we be pain free??? no dentist will take medicaid and the hospital will think your a drug addict if you vist more then once a year with a tooth ache...aaaahhhh i'm going crazy with pain and no one will even take a look at my mouth!!!!!!!!

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