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I've hag GH now for a year and have had about 4 outbreaks but for anyone who has it thats too many to handle. I read these post and almost cried when u deal with GH you feel so alone. and to see that there are more woman out there that deal with the same situation was so uplifting. I tried the tea oil, apple cider vinegar , vitamin E oil, and epsom salt bath. It sounds like alot of ingredients but its so worth it after the bath I went from being in excruciating pain to feeling like a million bucks. after a 15 min. bath I applied the Tylenol Pm , Vagisil Past and Abreva. and Im Pain free and can go on with my day. thank u so much for your help and Hopefully this will help someone else.

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hating the pain...

I have had genital herpes since Nov 2009 and just had my worst outbreak yet last week. Its right on the lip and the pain is UNBEARABLE to say the least. I have tried this paste and it only works temporarily leaving me in pain 4-5 hrs later once it dissolves? Soaking in the bath tub in Epsom salt, vinegar and baking soda has almost become unbearable too... just constant pain. Maybe my outbreak is too severe for this remedy but im definitely running out of options and desperately needing some kind of pain relief. Being scared to be is no fun at all. Anymore suggestions would be appreciated very much!

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