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hey guys. my name is juliette and i am 17 years old. i have suffered from panic and anxiety attacks since i was 14. i had a very traumatic childhood and my family moved almost every 2 years. i didnt have a stable life and now that my life has slowed down a bit i am experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks. i am never calm and my heart is constanlty pouding out of my chest. i have social fears and school has become a very big problem. i am a senior and your senior year is supposed to be fun but i am not having very much fun. there is one class, sociology/criminology, that gives me a huge problem. it is held in a very small room and the room is filled with 30 kids. i have horrible panic attacks in this class and i feel like im in danger. no one is helping me. i brought it up to my guidance counselor and family but no one is helping me. i cant go through 5 more months of this. i need help. i need to know how to deal with my anxiety attacks without having to leave the classroom. thank youu

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I feel for you so much. I have had the same type of childhood and am now dealing with the same things at the age of 25. It does get better, or manageable but it takes a lot of hard work.

There is a Method that you can try called 'the linden method'. It basically readjusts your mental behaviors to help you understand that you've done many tasks before without having a panic attack, and if you had done them while under a panic attack, you realize that you were physically experiencing only sensations. That no physical harm was done to you.

Without writing a story book for you, just google the linden method and download it either by torrent or the website. I hope this helps you, take great care.

Darcy Hamm

Hi Juliette, My name is Darcy. I am 32 years old and have been suffering from anxiety since I was 19. I also suffer from Epilepsy, Schizophrenea, Torets, And ADD. For me, Anxiety started creeping up on me very slowly and didn't notice it very much till a couple years ago. My symptoms with anxiety are feeling extreamly tired all the time, worrying about the future, sometimes crying and not knowing why, thinking about the past, and always feeling ill like the flu. A few things that I find that help me is drinking lots of hot peppermint herbal tea,
giving yourself something not too stressful and fun to look forward to, and this one may sound strange but......If it starts raining at night, Take advantage of it and lay down on a couch/bed and consentrate on the drops of rain either hitting the ground/trees/or bushes. I know that everybody experiences anxiety in different ways but I hope that one or all of the home remedies I have listed help to make you feel better.

A friend

Juliette -I have anxiety attacks and feel for your situation. Don't give up. Remember that the answer may not come fro the first places you look. Expect that it may take some more tries to find what works for you. As for the classroom, try another adult who can help. You be able to get a modification to tape the class and listen to it later. Like an independent study. I wouldnt rec taking illegal drugs. There's anxiety involved in doing that. Try benadryl first. Try imagery and breathing exercises at home. And remember, high school is temporary. Better things await.


Your story reminds me so much of my anxiety I suffered through all through highschool. It made me so depressed and it was so hard that I got to the point of not even wanting to live. I finally gained the courage to go to the doctor. I prescribed Lexapro that helps with everyday anxiety and also alprazolam which is a drug that helps immediatly with panic attacks that dissolve in your mouth. The combo helped me completely. I would take the alprazolam to school in my pocket. And whether I took it or not, I helped me so much knowing that there IS a cure. It was a great security to me. I went from not even being able to relax ever (answering questions in class,etc) to having no problem public speaking, participating in sports, enjoying dates,.. I never had to even worry about getting anxiety because I knew I had those pills with me everywhere I go - but I never had to use them. It was just the security that helped me immensly. I strongly suggest Prescription Medication because Anxiety is a mental illness as well as a physical illness. It needs to be treated just as a broken leg must be treated. However, if drugs arn't your thing, Other things that really helped for me was excerising, eating healthy, serving others, thinking about others needs, religion, and KNOWING that it wont last forever. The hardest part of anxiety is the thought that it will always consume your life. But it wont. I highly suggest medication, sunlight, and putting others first. That combintion works magic. There is a cure - so don't ever give up :) I know from experience & want to let everyone know that.


I've also dealt a lot with this.. especially in my last year of highschool. SAME thing happened. I am in year three of university now, and i think my body and mind are trying to finally deal with it all. i think when you are exposed to shaky times (i.e. moving, unstable childhood) you tend to suppress emotions and healing.. and then when you are finally able to deal with it.. (your body knows best when this is).. it all comes out. Take it one day at a time.. and realise one thing.. This isn't how your life is always going to be. And secondly, I know you feel like you need to be having fun and enjoying your last year.. but sometimes things come up. I remember taking weeks off of school from being crazy paranoid and anxious (which led to me being emotionally unwell and physically too). I suggest purchasing the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. It's quite helpful. It goes through breathing strategies.. as well as self- talk strategies. Self-talk is the dialogue running through your head (i.e. when you are panicking - 'i'm going to pass out' or 'i can't do this'.) Your brain tends to believe those things and you feel worse. You need to focus on stating positive things to yourself like 'i will be fine' or 'what is the evidence that i will pass out?' and even write it down in a workbook infront of you if that helps. There are also natural products to consider.. my boyfriend takes valerian root (the tincture) and GABA is also effective. I do understand where you are coming from, my friend.. i've been on anti-depressants for months.. but they aren't a long term solution. Do what is best for you. You're young and you WILL get through this.. love and support, steph marie.


There is a support group that helps!

The Recovery International Method helps people manage feelings or impulses which impair the ability to live a normal life. These feelings and impulses include:

Attention deficit disorder
Bipolar disorder
Borderline personality disorder
Conflict resolution
Eating disorders
Feelings of low self worth
Mood disorders
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Panic attacks
Poor self image
Schizoaffective disorder
Sleep problems
Social anxiety
Social phobia
Suicidal tendencies


Hi Juliette- i feel for you so much- when i was in high school- my senior year my boyfriend broke up with me and thats what started my panic attacks- it started when I was 17 and i have them worse then ever now and im 23. There was a very small room i had a class in and i would start to cry as i was walking to that class. no one was helping me either- It got so bad that every time I had that class i would take my phone into the bathroom and call the school pretending to be my mom and call myself out of school!! I totally understand


Try Jesus... And 5 HTP it is natural and u can find it at any local grocery store or walmart. May the Lords wonderful peace be with you and good luck

Hey you hang in there

It isnt in the interest of Counselors and psychologist. To help you if they can't make money off you. then there not interested. they don't want you to get better they want money.that's all hog wash you need to go sit at a bench some where public and ask for the time the first time you go there ask one person the second time you go there ask two people and so forth and so on I was kid once to and some body told me the same thing and now I'm passing the knowledge to and you'll pass it on to some one else good luck to you Sorry about the grammar typing on phone while driving hang in there


My 1st panic attack occurred when I was 16 (my father died and I was the eldest with 3 siblings and a depressed mother). I did not realize it was a panic attack and thought that I was dieing. I did not have another serious episode until my 30's. But once it returned, the fear of the attack took hold, and became a self fulfilling prophesy. After many episodes, I began reading up on panic attacks. The first thing to realize, it that it is triggered by an adrenaline rush (fight or flee response). Adrenaline is good when needed for physical feats, but when one is sitting still, the body's reaction is panic. Long story short, I found ways to relax prior to stressful situations (public speaking, meetings, etc). I kept a list in my wallet of things that help put perspective on the attack - asking God for help works too. I also kept something in my hand such as a pen that I could click - when the mind is side-tracked to an object, it cannot focus on the panic trigger. Have a glass of water to keep your throat clear. If you feel the attack coming on, talk yourself down and take deep breathes since the tendency is for the breathing to shorten as the heart races. If the attack is full blown, learn from it and realize that you will not die. I also stay away from things like caffeine and sugar when I expect to be in panic prone situations (primarily at work). If you remember nothing else, rest assured that you are not alone, and it gets much better with time.

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