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I have recurrent UTI's and have found they occur less frequently when I use KY lubricant during intercourse. Maybe the friction was causing more bacteria to get forced into my bladder?
My gyno suggested taking cranberry extract supplements every day, and that has been helpful so far. She said cranberries have a natural active ingredient that prevents bacteria cells from adhering to human cells in the bladder. She said cranberry juice has high sugar which feeds bacteria so the supplements are much better.
That's all I have apart from the usual preventatives. I am jealous of everyone that can get relief from alka-seltzer. I could not survive without my prescription strength pyridium.

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Believe it or not, bladder infections can often be caused by not peeing after sex. (!) If you practise this, great, but if not it's worth a try!


My husband cooperates by cleansing himself before sex, as do I. Also pee after sex and wipe with a medicated cloth. (like a hemmeroidal wipe) to remove bacteria. Only wear cotton underpants and sleep without them. Too tight jeans worn all day can also cause bacteria to grow in that warm tight environment. And you can never wash your hands enough! Good Luck


Glad you mentioned alka selzer here i poured a cup on and instant pain relief, drank a gallon of water during the day took the cranberry pills and then got the natural cranberry juice drank that, a whole bottle gabe me diarrhea though but felt better by bed time,

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