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Lisa Rivera

Soak feet in water mixed with a little bleach.

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that's kinda dangerous


My son suffers from stinky feet. We tried the bleach in the water and soaking, but it did not work. Have you ever used bleach in a bucket of mop water and then used a cotton mop. If the mop never smelled before, it will now. Even if you rinse it out. Bleach does not work. I am going to try the teatree lotion and pumice bar.


this is extremely harmful. The toxins in your bleach will burn your feet


Not dangerous just don't do it in pure bleach. Dilute it cup of bleach in the tub works great. I've done this for years and never had one problem.

Oh yeah I worked construction for 10 years and now work for the railroad so I'm in boots daily.


Bleach should NOT be used. Its for nonporous surfaces, NOT humans! Read the poison warnings..Diluted or not
Stick with tea bags or neosporin. Dont put poison on your body on purpose!


You soaked your son's feet in a toxic chemical? WOW...

Uh oh

Wow, you must be tough.... I took a bleach bath via someones innocent advice (because I was covered in thousands of seed ticks on my entire lower torso). After just one measured cup of bleach in a full tub for 10 minutes, I had bleach BURN soo bad that I had to seek medical attention. Didn't pan out so well for me. That was painful. And yes, the ticks died.

Dr. K. Larson

Do NOT believe everything you read on the Internet! People don't care what happens to you based on their instructions! Soak in bleach! Sheesh! Do you know what the Chlorine in bleach does to you? Contact with bleach is never recommended.


What do you think they put in swimming pools? Chlorine

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