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CoG - childofgod

Tea Tree Oil. Full strength on the infected body part. Stops the itching, steralizes the area, overcomes and dissolves the oil.
If you know beforehand that you are going to be in areas of poison oak/ivy, use Technu.

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I tried several different remedies, straight white vinegar, white vinegar and baking soda, pascalite powder and they helped a bit but it was still taking forever for the blisters to go away, just oozing. On the 5th day I tried the straight tea tree essential oil and within 24 hours the blisters are 90% gone and the huge blisters shrank dramatically, no more itching.

Thanks for the tea tree remedy. In the future I'll only use the tea tree and I believe it'll go away much quicker!


Oh my gosh I never thought that tea tree oil would work but it really dos. After 5 minutes the redness started to go away I was amassed.

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