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For what it's worth!
I had small cracks in the corners of my mouth for years and just accepted them as “normal”.
I had not even heard of Cheilitis………
10 days ago cracks opened up and gunk appeared in both corners
Worried I searched the net and found many “overnight cures” available using products you already have at home.
Prices ranging from $30 to $55……….
Not wishing to pay for something I already have and having read up about the condition I thought I would make my own concoction….
All I did was to make up a solution of common salt and a little household bleach (as much as you can cope with) in a glass of warm water.
1 Brush teeth properly and rinse mouth
2 Rinse mouth 3 times with solution and spit as normal
3 Take solution in mouth and dribble thro’ corners of mouth over infected area 3 times
4 Dry each side with clean tissue making sure you get all the crap out
5 Finally rinse with solution, dry each side of mouth with clean tissue for each side to avoid cross contamination
6 Apply Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly to each side using little fingers, one finger for each side and only dip finger in container once for each side of mouth.

Repeat as necessary or when you can.

For me it was 70% better the next morning and was completely (that is to say even the small cracks I had lived with for years had gone) cleared up by day 3.

I think the trick is to make sure that kill the infection and exercise scrupulous cleanliness to avoid cross contamination until cracks are healed.

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