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CoG - childofgod

Raise your hands straight up towards the ceiling. Extended, rotate your hands in a circular motion. Do it until it feels like energy (or whatever that is) is flowing around your hands. To start do it gently. Work up to speed. Don't overdo at first. Moderation AT BLOODY FIRST. I discovered this cure one fine day ten years ago, thot I'd finally tell the world. Father bless each and everyone of you and family. See you one day soon my brothers and sisters.

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I had a bad case of CTS last year. Looking for relief I started to do some yoga. One of the positions (asanas) is similar to the above remedy. Google utthita parsvakonasana. This posture gave excellent results. BTW I do it with my hand on my knee not on the floor. You can also do it with your elbow on your knee. This makes the pose easier and will make more sense after studying images of the pose. Do it with the arm at both a 45 degree angle and pointing straight up at the ceiling. Flex and hold the hand 90 degrees front and back for several seconds during the pose. While doing this I could feel a stretching sensation in my forearm and hand (mostly in the palm). The posture seemed to be relaxing the tension it the ct area. I started to to get results in less than a week. I still get symptoms from time to time when I haven't been doing the yoga for awhile (months).

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